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Use These 3 Text Message Pickup Lines to Land Your Next Real Estate Appointment

January 26 2018

wise agent text message pickup linesSMS-based lead generation offers its own set of benefits. Of course, it might not be the go-to method for some industries, but it's very relevant for the real estate business.

Now, there are a lot of strategies you can rely on to grab appointments through text messages, but one that's often ignored is using the right "pickup line."

As strange as it might sound, there are certain lines that work better than others. Here are a few examples that you can use (or seek inspiration from).

Ask About the Best Time to Talk and Link to Your Calendar

Customers are busy and the best way to get their attention is by being considerate of this fact. So, instead of being in your face, send a text that starts with "Are you free? Would you like to talk about a listing" or "What time would you be free to meet or talk?"

Next, add a link to a calendar next to that pickup line. This is to help the customer mark an appointment date.

As for the line, it's effective because it sounds personal. A personal approach can work wonders.

Of course, we suggest you also use an automated system to make this work. You don't want the customer to call you back just to book the date. Let them do all of that on their own. The actual conversation can be had during the appointment.

Offer a Solution

Another pickup line is one that offers help. This could be something like "Hey! We've got a homebuyer guide that you might find useful. Do you want a copy? Get in touch with us."

The idea behind such a line is that you're arousing their curiosity with a question and immediately satisfying them with an answer. Plus, you're offering a solution, which customers love. You're positioning yourself as a service that can be depended on with regard to real estate queries.

In fact, you can go even further by determining what the customer's expectations are and sending out a customized guide. This is definitely going to have a desirable impact.

Use the Right Language

Language matters a lot when it comes to text message marketing. The idea is to look less and less like spam and more like a legitimate business. So, use relevant and appropriate terms. For instance, "Are you interested in buying a home?" is a simple and fairly effective line that is likely to get the customer's attention.

On the other hand, something like "Check out this amazing deal!" sounds like plain, old hype. It's exaggerated and unconvincing.

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