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Create a Conversion Funnel to Turn More Facebook Leads into Clients

September 12 2017

In a 2016 interview2016 interview, Matthew Nicolas and Reid Boles shared how they use Top Producer® CRM and StreetText to stay ahead of their competition by generating high quality leads on Facebook and implementing systems to turn those leads into clients. One year later, Stephen Whiting of StreetText sat down with Matthew to discuss their results and the Facebook lead gen strategy that is making them stand out.

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With over 200 deals a year, success is in the systems

Q: Before we jump into your Facebook Strategy, let's learn a bit about you. You've been in the business for a few years, and last year were named one of Canada's Top 100 agents, is that correct?

Yes, this is my sixth year. In that time, we've doubled our business a few times. It's been a really exciting road.

Q: What was the most important thing you did to get you to the volume you do now?

It's the systems. They created efficiencies and leveraged our time. Without systems, we fall apart. And we've gone through that, too. Where we've tried to jump a little bigger than we should and couldn't manage that level because we didn't have the systems in place.

Q: What percentage does StreetText represent to your business?

We actually just did our numbers. Fifteen to 20 percent comes from StreetText. That's why we love it, that's why we keep putting more money behind our ads. We like how it functions, too.

There's a two-pronged benefit. You are going to get business from StreetText and you're also going to close more business if you're letting more people know you understand how to market on social media and how to capture leads from it.

Q: Do you personally handle every lead?

No. We do get a high volume of leads, so we have different people managing them. As far as me as the team leader, I'm looking at reporting all the time and adjusting things, and I do handle a lot of them.

FiveStreet can route leads to our agents based on source, price range and zip code, and once an agent receives a lead, it shows up in Top Producer® CRM for them to take action.

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Q: How do you decide which StreetText leads to work with and which ones to ignore?

First of all, we never ignore any lead. Partial form submissions, full emails, phone numbers—anything that is coming in we're going to spend some effort behind it. So we don't ignore anything.

We try our best to reach out to a lead within five minutes, and follow up no less than six times before brushing aside.

Top Producer® CRM's action plans and Follow-up Coach prevent leads from falling through the cracks and reduce the number of clicks I need for a simple follow up.

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Q: With that many leads, how do you find the time to respond to every one?

How we find the time is the systems. Every time there is way I can automate something or have someone else do it, we implement that.

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Q: What was the thing you implemented that really helped you leverage your time?

It was Top Producer® CRM. I use Top Producer CRM® with StreetText and it's worked really well for us. It helps us manage the leads.

It takes time to build a database, but it's all in the database. With StreetText and Top Producer®'s integration, I can automatically flow leads into my CRM, put people on a campaign, and just keep dripping on them.

You've got to try to automate as many things as you can. See if your office has a postcard mail out service. Try to systemize things as the best you can because if you're trying to do everything yourself, it can get unwieldy and you just start falling apart.

For mass follow-up, I can use Top Producer® CRM to send a personalized email or drip marketing to 100's of people with a few clicks, which beats manually typing up an email. And Market Snapshot® gives us that monthly "Top of Mind" that keeps working even when we're not.

Q: How do these systems help free up your time?

The first system was to make a habit of putting new people that I spoke with into the Top Producer® CRM right away. So we can start doing email campaigns and things from there. Now if I'm out on a Sunday and I put a bunch of names in from an open house event using Top Producer's BrightOpen™ app, and if later I forget a name, I can just look it up right there.

If a lead comes in while I'm with my family, I know they're automatically sent a response and valuable real estate info, so I can follow up when I'm back in work mode.

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