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4 Unique Scripts that Close the Deal with a Promising Real Estate Lead

August 20 2017

rdc four unique scripts to close real estate leads 1

You've sent the follow-up texts and the nurture emails, you've beat around the bush as much as possible. At some point, you have to know if a lead is worth pursuing any further... so, what's your go-to script for sealing the deal?

If you don't have a strong closing line, don't fret! Review four possible options below to see which one best matches your style. Practice saying the lines a few times until they come out naturally. Then, let 'er rip!

Script One: Act as their guide

rdc four unique scripts to close real estate leads 2When Rachel Adams Lee of the Rachel Adams Group in Sacramento, California is working to close a buyer lead, she presents herself as the person who will help guide them through the process from start to finish. Her closing line is:

"Let's do the right thing and have you speak with one of my preferred lenders."

Script Two: Ask to make it official

If that line doesn't sound right, or Rachel is working to close a seller lead, she tries a different approach. In this case, she'll explicitly ask them to work with her — and remind them that if she is going to act on their behalf, they should be entered into an exclusive agreement.

Of course, this doesn't have to be a stodgy, old-school question. Adams Lee prefers to go with:

"Are you willing to work with me exclusively? I don't want you dating other people. :)"

Script Three: Explain what they get if they go exclusive

rdc four unique scripts to close real estate leads 3Claire Killen, the broker/owner of a small firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, loves that she can offer her clients one-on-one help and a truly customized experience. After explaining that she only works with a small number of clients, Claire verifies that they understand how unique her model is. By standing apart from large firms or teams, she usually finds that she gets the sale. Here's her closing line:

"I'm a boutique style company. You get me. You're not on a conveyor belt. I have assistance, but you have me from start to finish. Does that work for you?"

Script Four: Accept them as a client to win the deal

rdc four unique scripts to close real estate leads 4Eric Hatch of Century 21 Cornerstone in Auburn, California, has perhaps the most aggressive approach of the four. He reinforces with his clients that he doesn't take on just anyone, but he is interested in working with them.

By making them feel like they passed a test and are going to get superior service from a superior agent, Eric's final line asks if they agree that they'd make a great professional match:

"I like what I heard and I'm choosing to move forward to take you on as a client. How do you feel about me and my services?"

What do you think? Do you have your own one-liner that you prefer to use?

Every agent is different — and so is every client! Do you have a go-to closing line or do you prefer to read the direction of the conversation and "wing it?" Tell us your closing line in the comments or let us know on our Facebook page, where we keep in touch with more than 35,000 agents nationwide!

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