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A Tale of Two Follow-up Plans: Rachel Adams Lee's six-day, 14% lead conversion system (Part 2)

August 14 2017

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Are you ready to get more persistent as you pursue the sale, but aren't sure exactly how to follow up multiple times without coming off as a huge pest?

Last week, we shared lead expert Travis Robertson's aggressive two-week follow-up plan. His approach isn't for the faint of heart, so we also wanted to share a six-day, six-step system from Rachel Adams LeeRachel Adams Lee, the CEO and Founder of Rachel Adams Real Estate Group in Roseville, California.

Rachel Adams Lee's Two-Day, Six-Step Conversion Plan

You could learn a lot about Rachel Adams Lee, but for the purpose of this article, it's important to know this: She's converting a whopping 14 percent of her leads! Wowzers. Here's the exact plan her team swears by.

Day One, Contact One: Call in under five minutes

We're not going to bore you with stats on why it's important to call in less than five minutes. You know it is, you've heard it at every conference since 1998. Rachel recommends calling personally if possible, or having a team member or sales assistant call on your behalf.

Don't have an assistant, but too busy to call every time?

Consider setting up an auto-responder, like the one from FiveStreet. FiveStreet sends natural language text messages so you can buy yourself a bit of time without turning off potential leads (who tend to hate automatic, robotic communications).

Day One, Contact Two: Send a video text

Nothing is more personal than a video, and Rachel suggests sending a quick, off-the-cuff intro video to new leads on day one. She just uses her phone on selfie mode, speaks right into the lens for about 30 seconds, and lets people see the face behind the name.

Of course, you don't want to send the video text directly after leaving a voicemail. Try completing an appointment or errand in between, so it appears that you are busy and on-the-go, but still not too tied down to offer them a personalized follow-up.

Day One, Contact Three: Send a customized email

For the last step of day one, send a send an email that is addressed only to your lead. While this email draft can be used over and over, you want to ensure that it appears personal enough that your lead is likely to reply to it.

Include their first name and mention that you are looking forward to speaking with them. If the lead source provided any other information — such as the address of a home they liked online, or the address they requested a CMA for — be sure to pepper that into the email as well.

Two additional tips from Rachel:

  1. Place your phone number above your name – it just pops more – and finish up every email with a link to an evergreen marketing video. See Rachel's team video here.
  2. Remember, no one reads long emails. Keep it short and sweet and give them a reason to follow back up with you!

Day Two, Contact Four: Call a second time

Start Day Two off with another phone call to your lead. If you're sent to voicemail, you can either reiterate that you've been trying to reach them or re-introduce yourself. Go with whatever feels natural.

Have you ever tried texting an audio file? Think of it as the "new voicemail." You just may get the response you're looking for.

Day Two, Contact Five: Send a short text

Ready to create an air of mystery? In this tactic, Rachel prefers to send a text that says, simply:

 rdc rachel adams lee six day conversion plan 2

Her rationale? If they aren't calling or texting back when you give full context, maybe they just need an opportunity to send back a quick text saying they're interested so you know to keep pressing them.

Day Six, Contact Six: Text before placing them on a drip

If your lead is still quiet after your first five varied follow-ups, odds are not great that they will convert in fast fashion. At this point, Rachel recommends following up one more time via text — without indicating this is the last time she will contact them personally.

If they still don't respond, she places the lead on her usual long-term drip campaign that includes invites to events Rachel either produces, sponsors or participates in. The idea is to not give up trying for a face-to-face meeting, while admitting that it's important to focus on newer leads that are more likely to convert.

What do you think of Rachel's plan?

Could you change it up and leverage a six-day, six-contact follow-up plan? How would you change up Rachel's tactics to make them more your own? Tell us on our Facebook page, where we keep in touch with more than 35,000 top agents from across the country!

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