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The Dance between Patience and Mindful Real Estate Sales

July 02 2017

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In real estate, we are quickly handed the industry rhetoric as to how things are, the proverbial "blueprint for success." Follow this concept, this model, and you will achieve the reward. We quickly hit the ground running because we have the consistent set of waves coming in known as bills, debt, and so on. There is no time for patience or for reflection. Instead, it's I need to go DO something or the industry will leave me in the dust, I will lose to the competition, I won't be able to pay my bills or maintain MY lifestyle.

Take a deep breath... the momentum and tension builds and builds until it works against us completely.

In the same way we are handed a concept of "how it is" in business, the same goes for life. What I failed to realize, and many others have too, is the mere fact that it is simply THEIR concept as to how life or the industry is, just one concept of a seemingly infinite number. Once we believe what we are told as to "how it is," then we use such a small portion of our unique faculty and creativity because there is a small space of wiggle room within the confining walls of "their concept and models for what THEY believe success is" and how to achieve it. Learn what you'd like from mentors and then unlearn it all, throw it away; the information and technologies available now didn't exist back when many of them developed their models and concepts—and, most importantly, it was contoured to fit their unique faculty, not yours.

Manifest your own concepts and models that work within the harmony of YOU and the unique faculty you have at your disposal.

Before you begin in an industry, it is highly beneficial to first look at it from a bird's eye view as a game. By "game," I mean it adheres to rules, roles, and boundaries. Regardless of industry, everything operates within a system of order, some more complicated than others. The one that truly understands this does not view business as competitive. Rather, they view it as collaborative. The Male Dominator Complex influenced by greed and fear that many in the business world are working off of is not worth any amount of material gain compared to what it costs you in the end.

The rules and boundaries of the game you are entering into are rather simple concepts, but your role in the game is what I'd like to dive deeper into.

Until you clearly figure out what your role is, your strengths and what you enjoy, how this "work" fits within your ideal day, which hopefully you have drawn out, you'll just inherit someone else's concept or model for success that was completely molded to fit their strengths and their lifestyle. You'll quickly find yourself in situations, like I did, where you are "forcing" or "grinding" yourself to work in ways that are out of touch of your natural rhythm rather than shaping your work day around your strengths and the special faculty we all have.

Speaking from my own experience, I never reflected and figured out what I was truly good at, what I enjoyed. In other words, I didn't feel I really had a purpose, I just floated from appointment to appointment as a means to cover my monthly expenses, not because I was genuinely enthusiastic about it. True financial freedom is not achieved by thinking about achieving financial freedom. There is a reason you are here, a purpose. You are not an accident; you are present because you need to be. You have a skill set that nobody has ever had in the history of man, so what are your skills? Does the job you currently have use these skills? What does your dream day look like? How does your job or business fit within that perfect day?

Rather than speaking about being uphappy, disliking aspects of ourselves or phenomena like our job/relationships etc., write down what your perfect day looks like and what you do like. This is the first step in making it a reality. Begin to visualize it and speak about it intelligently.

If one takes a step back and clearly views the process of nature, which we are an integral part of, it is quite clear that our immediate experience is becoming more and more complex, otherwise known as novelty. Nature produces higher systems of order and complexity in order to produce even higher states of order and complexity. Since this is the case, where our time and energy is spent is critical to a healthy experience. With complexity taking place faster and faster, we need to be highly fluid, adaptable and organized. We can't get stuck within models and concepts that were formulated based on conditions that were far different from the present. As we can take a step out of the infinite games we partake in daily, our business, our relationships, all phenomena—and reflect, we can navigate through the ever changing landscape with greater ease. One of the most productive activities is non activity. Let the dust settle where we have been stomping around all week to see our path more clearly and gracefully.

adwerx mindful real estate sales wes pinkston 2Wes Pinkston is an award winning real estate coach and has been featured in the Swanepoel Power 200 and Inman News. He works with his clients one on one to develop a fully customizable program that is specifically catered to their learning style. As a real estate coach, he assists his clients with entering into an enhanced awareness of self and environment. With his guidance and support, the client is able to access their true power. We're grateful he's sharing some of what he knows with our readers! Visit to learn more.



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