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Friday Freebie: Brandable Property Showing Checklist for Your Buyers

June 30 2017

So your buyers (mostly) know what they want in a home—but do they remember which homes matched their criteria after they tour them?

After seeing a dozen or so houses, it may all start to blend together in your clients' minds. Which house was it again that had the great master suite, but an underwhelming kitchen? Or was it a great kitchen but an underwhelming master bedroom?

Whatever the case, it sounds like your clients need a little help with keeping all the properties they see straight. This week, we're highlighting a free checklist, brandable to you, that can help.

Brandable House Hunting Checklist, courtesy of

frifree hdc House Hunting is offering real estate agents a free property checklist that they can give to clients prior to a showing. The checklist lists important features that buyers should pay attention to during a showing, like water pressure, the condition of walls and appliances, the size of bedrooms, lighting, flooring, and much more. Your clients can rate each feature on a scale of 1-5. Yes, this not only helps them remember individual homes more clearly, but perhaps more importantly, it encourages them to think critically about each home and how it does and does not meet their needs.

Agents can benefit from this checklist, too. For starters, it's brandable to you. Simply download the PDF and fill in your name and contact information where indicated. If you carry a mobile scanner with you, or a phone with an excellent camera, you can even make a digital copy of this checklist once a client has filled it out after a showing. Add it to their file on your computer, or their Evernote folder, or whatever you use. You can refer to it later when helping your clients zero in on the home that best suits them.

You can even use your copy when completing showing feedback surveys for the listing agent.

Ready help your buyers (and yourself) clear the confusion caused by a whirlwind of showings? Download your free copy of the House Hunting Checklist from today!