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Agent tried online leads and received a lead that closed on day one!

June 26 2017

rdc jeff phillips

RDC: We know this is not always going to be the case – but we heard you signed up for leads and immediately received an inquiry that went to contract – can you tell us about your experience?

JP: I received my very first® lead the same day I signed up for®, from a gentleman out of Oklahoma looking at properties in Carillon Beach in Panama City Beach Florida.

We toured four homes and we made an offer on a home listed at $1,175,000 on May 19th, just ten days after I signed up for® leads. We closed on that home on June 6th, less than six weeks after the initial contact. It was a cash purchase and it went fast. I am very happy for him and his family and I was glad to be a part of the transaction.

RDC: What made you decide to try®?

JP: I acquired my real estate license in April 2016. I had been advertising on a different site that provided leads based on my spending budget. The majority of the leads from that source were tire kickers and inquiries on properties that are no longer available to purchase. I was disappointed in the quality of the buyer leads from that source and found that none of the leads were ready to buy.

I was contacted by Brian Malinger from® and decided to give it a try. Brian made the process of getting set up very user friendly. I contacted Brian the day that I got my first lead and told him I was very impressed with how fast I received my first lead.

He was unfazed, saying, "There is no typical. The leads come to you; you follow up and stay in touch through technology. You always will be closing transactions, and picking up referrals. It's that simple." I thought he was being cocky, but I soon learned that he was just confident in the product he was representing — because he knew the quality of the leads provided.

RDC: would you recommend the program to your colleagues?

JP: I would not recommend this program to my colleagues because then my market share would be significantly reduced! All kidding aside, I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for quality buyer and seller leads. I think® has provided more quality leads in the seven weeks I have been on the program than the other service provided me in the year prior.

I had another closing in June, on a $500K home, where the buyer was, again, a highly motivated® lead. So, I believe this is continuing to work well and I am excited to see where we head next.