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Tools and Resources You Need for Your Next Listing Appointment

June 22 2017

If you have been following along our three-part series about rocking your next listing appointment, you will have read about a number of tools and resources that Garry Wise, co-founder of GoodLife Luxury and The Paperless Club, and his team use to create a 5-point listing appointment system and digital marketing strategy that, more often than not, gets them hired during the actual consultation.

Here's a closer look at each of these tools:


pa tools resources listing appointment 1Evernote is your digital pen and paper—a multi-purpose app that acts as a digital file cabinet, note-taking tool, daily journal, task or project management system, recipe keeper, and more. Evernote can be used to take notes during your pre-work, as reference point, and to add to existing notes while you and the seller meet and inspect the home.

Moxi Works / Keynote / PowerPoint

Garry and Chris recommend using Moxi Works (formerly known as 'TouchCMA,' an MLS-connected consulting tool) along with Keynote or PowerPoint to create your marketing strategy (digital listing presentation).

The digital marketing strategy is PHASE #3 in the 5-step listing presentation system. To learn what slides to include in your marketing strategy, read Create a Marketing Proposal that Sells Your Services (part 2 of this series).

Numbers / Excel

pa tools resources listing appointment 2This is the financial conversation: PHASE #4 of the 5-Phase Listing Appointment system. Instead of talking about what you think the home is worth, this discussion is about what a buyer would pay for the property based on the most recent statistical evidence.

Garry and his team have discovered that most sellers have determined a price in their head because there is something they want to do with the money. But truth be told, most sellers don't really know what amount they will be getting at the end of the transaction. As a result, Garry uses Numbers or Excel to create a Net Sheet that breaks down fees and shows the seller what they will receive at the end of the sale.


pa tools resources listing appointment 3We pride ourselves on transparency (plus it builds rapport and creates welcomed expectations with the seller), so as part of the initial pre-work conversation, let the seller know that if you both feel comfortable with each other, and are on the same page at the end of the listing appointment, you will be signing a document that allows you to start marketing the property immediately.

This is where DocuSign comes in.

In PHASE #5 of the 5-Step Listing Appointment system, we use DocuSign to electronically sign documents and agreements on our digital device before we leave the consultation.

By using this simple 5-Phase Listing Appointment system, including our slide-by-slide Marketing Proposal, you will amaze potential clients, stand out from the crowd, and rock your next listing appointment.

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