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It's Open House Season! 4 Key Tips to Stay Safe

May 19 2017

lwolf Open House Safety for Real Estate Professionals

Open houses are a great way to bring more attention to your property. Not only do open houses help clients get a feel for the home, they also help them visualize living there. For agents, open houses are a great way to meet new clients and close deals faster and more.

But among all the benefits of open houses is a very real challenge: safety. Check out this list of tips to help ensure your safety during an open house:

1. Have more than one host

Most open houses are manned by one agent. From planning to execution to clean-up, everything is coordinated by this lone agent. It's a lot to do and this could lead to something slipping through the cracks—and could even be dangerous. Always have an assistant or another agent to help you host. It will help keep things on track, and you'll also have more than one set of eyes on everyone coming and going.

2. Inform people

Inform the local police station of your event—they might just drive around the area during the open house. This will give you a sense of security knowing help is nearby and accessible.

Inform neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out for you. They will know if something is out of the ordinary.

You could also have a call buddy. Inform this person that you will call/text them every hour, and if you miss one, they are to call you back.

3. Keep a log

Always have a sign-in sheet for everyone who comes to tour the property. You can optionally request a piece of ID to verify before you let them inside the house. Keep a clicker to track the number of people who entered and your assistant can click the number of people who left. Tally it at the end of the day; this will give you the exact number of people who came and viewed the property.

4. Stow valuables

Lock away all valuables in the house. It's best to make an inventory of all valuables and stow away everything that can be moved. It is also important for the agent to place any purse, wallet or valuables in their car trunk. This hides them from the prying eyes of potential thieves.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. So go ahead and have a great open house, but remember to follow these simple steps to stay safe.

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