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Seller Lead Strategy #2: Go beyond the basics to create compelling calls-to-action

April 28 2017

10 seller lead strategies

The® Results Series team has been on the road sharing our top 10 tips for drawing in and converting seller leads. And now, we're ready to share them online with you!

For the next few weeks, tune into the Results Series blog to learn how we recommend you engage and convert sellers this spring and summer. Our first tip was about how to leverage videos to appeal to sellers (and potential buyers).

Today, we'll focus on how you can land more CMA and seller leads by writing compelling headlines and landing page calls to action.

The basics

If you don't already have a landing page to draw in sellers, or a specific tool that offers automated CMAs on demand, it's time you get one. Even though these "squeeze pages" have been around for awhile, they're still one of the best ways to find motivated sellers online and get their contact information.

If you're looking for a market estimate tool, Market SnapshotMarket Snapshot is an incredible solution. Market Snapshot is a flawlessly designed market report that draws from accurate, real-time MLS data to provide home sellers with an estimate of their home's value, as well as other relevant market data from their neighborhood.

How to make it yours

When you're advertising a free CMA or other seller-focused offer online, steer clear of the "dime a dozen" calls to action you see every day. If you're sick of seeing "See what your home is really worth," then so are today's sellers.

Instead, look at data from localized reports and pull out the most relevant information and data. Then, create your headlines or calls to action from that information. Here are some examples:

"All signs point to multiple offers in Grand Haven. Sellers are seeing upwards of 25 showings in the first two days on market, and they're selling for 5% over asking on average. See what your home could sell for in this competitive market!"

"Today's sales prices are 18% higher than the tax-assessed estimates for the area. Don't be scared off by the number listed on your tax return! Get an expert analysis."

"Wondering what your neighbor sold for? It's normal. Don't be nosy, be in the know. Find out here:"

How else do you customize the copy on your CMA calls to action?

We'd love to know how you appeal to sellers online. Share your best tactics in the comments!

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