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No Pressure, No Problem: Take the Video Chat Challenge

April 17 2017

rdc videochatchallange

We've given you our take on the best video chat apps out there, and shown you five different ways you can use video chat to up your services to clients. But... you haven't fired up FaceTime or ooVoo with a client yet, have you?

It's alright to have some nerves, but it's time to move past them so you can delight and surprise every client, no matter how near, far, busy or slow-moving.

So. It's time. For the video chat challenge.

Step One: Buddy Up

When you're intro-ing any new technology, it's important to do as many test runs as you need before taking the new tool or app into "prime time." So first, find a buddy who also wants to learn how to use video chat. It can be a fellow agent, your broker or office tech liaison, a listing coordinator... and if all else fails, it can be a spouse, your teenage kid or a personal friend.

Step Two: Choose One App

Review our top five video chat apps and decide which one seems the most suited to your business. Ideally, you and your buddy will want to try the same app (so you can give each other pointers). But if you feel that different tech would work best, then tackle one app one week, and the other app the following week so everyone wins.

Step Three: Make a General Plan

Got a new listing? A flurry of showings? An upcoming open house? Perfect. Ask your seller if they'd be alright with you hosting a video chat with a fellow agent at their property*. Explain that it's a service you want to use in the future, and that you want to experiment a bit.

Then, set up a time with your buddy that you'll chat them from the listing. Be sure to plan for extra time in case you have any technical glitches. Remember: your buddy should be off-site, not at the listing with you.

Step Four: Follow this Checklist

On the day before or the day of your video chat, review this checklist.

  • Know the listing's wifi
  • Have a full charge on the phone, tablet or computer you'll be using to video chat
  • Download the video chat app you'll be using (if necessary)
  • Verify that your buddy has the app downloaded, if necessary
  • "Add" your buddy on the app so you can easily find and contact them via the app
  • Bring headphones in case there is distracting noise in the background

Step Five: Do a Quick Dry Run

Walk through the listing when you first get there, taking in the features that you want to be sure to point out to your buddy. Try turning on your phone's camera or video feature to see what the house will look like from their point of view. Do your best to include a full shot of the room before you enter, then narrow in on the features or areas your buyer will need to consider.

Step Six: Let 'Er Rip!

At some point, you just have to go for it. Check your wifi connection, make the "call" and start the tour. Try to mimic the speech and discussions you'd have with a typical buyer, even if it feels embarrassing to put on a show for your buddy. The more you practice the real deal, the better position you'll be in on game day.

If you run into technical issues, try to troubleshoot them on the go rather than stopping and starting the chat over and over again. And if the chat does drop, pick the conversation up where you left off rather than bemoaning the failures of technology. Remember, buyers are looking for their dream home so you want to provide them a dream experience.

Are you a video chat expert?

What other tips or ideas do you have for us? Share them in the comments or in our Facebook community!

*Keep in mind that these recommendations may not work for everyone, especially if you have local laws or ordinances that ban video of a private property. Talk with your broker or local board to determine what laws and regulations exist in your area.

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