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29 Resources to Help You Master Real Estate Video and Photography

December 23 2016

film strip2For years, articles about real estate photography have consistently been among the best performing articles on our site. But in 2016, a strange thing happened--articles about real estate videos began to dominate.

It's not just typical YouTube videos, either. In 2016, the rise of new technology like Facebook Live, augmented reality, and virtual reality changed the landscape of real estate multimedia. To help our readers get a grasp on all the new trends shaping the current media landscape, we've rounded up our best articles on real estate video, photography, and graphic design from 2016 here.

Crash Course in Real Estate Video

If you want a quick way to build your video production skill set, consider the following four articles your syllabus for Real Estate Video 101.

Your first reading is The Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing for Real Estate to get grounded in the basics of real estate videography.

Next, put theory into action with this series of progressively more challenging assignments. Once you're finished, you'll have created your first video, and learned the basics of new technologies like Snapchat and Hyperlapse:

  1. Video Challenge for Beginners: How to get started with easy, free video tools
  2. Intermediate Video Challenge: How to get ahead using video
  3. Advanced Video Challenge: Livestreaming, buying new tools and crushing Snapchat

The Rise of Facebook Live

mobile video recordingSome of last year's prognosticators got it right when they said that livestreaming technologies would blow up in 2016. Facebook Live, which launched in April, dominated this social/video niche, stealing the buzz that once belonged to livestreaming predecessor Periscope.

If you want to get up to speed on how to leverage Facebook Live in your business, try these tips:

Polish Your Real Estate Video Skills

Even if you're a seasoned video creator, it's always good to refine your skills and keep updated on developing trends. In 2017, consider incorporating these three classic production techniques to set yourself apart from the competition.

But what does a good real estate video look like? Let's look at real-life examples to find out--here are five you can start learning from today.

If you're in troubleshooting mode instead, here are 10 reasons your existing videos may not be performing well.

And, finally, to round-off of our collection of video tips, here are a few odds and ends to consider:

Shiny New Technology Developments

drone-sunsetNew technology like augmented reality burst into the public consciousness in 2016, thanks to summer launch of Pokemon Go. But did you know that the real estate industry has been using augmented reality for years before Pokemon Go was even conceived?

Augmented reality's cousin, virtual reality, made a splash on the scene this year, too. And it looks like that's a trend that will only continue, thanks to the growing accessibility of VR technology. Here are four ways you can use virtual reality in your own real estate business.

Lowlight cameras and 360-degree videos made a quieter splash this year, with Facebook 360 offering a promising new way to show off your listings online.

And while drone technology isn't new, a new day has finally dawned in the drone photography saga. In August, an FAA ruling lifted strict requirements on the use of drones for commercial purposes. Watch for the increasing use of drones for shooting real estate photos and videos--and get a few tips on using drones in your business.

Podcasting Popularity Explodes

Here's something you may not have expected: the popularity of podcasting skyrocketed in 2016. This year, 21 percent21 percent of people reported that they recently listened to podcast--up from just 12 percent saying the same in 2013.

Is there any way agents can harness the public's growing enthusiasm for this medium? You betcha. Here's how to get started on your podcasting journey.

Listing Photography Essentials

photographerNow matter how you slice it, photography is one of the most important parts of your real estate marketing. Listings with attractive, professional looking photos consistently perform better on property search websites--and, according to Redfin, those homes even go on to sell at a higher price point.

Give your photography skills a boost with these tips:

And while big, beautiful photos are great, image files that are too big can be too much of a good thing. Learn how to reduce the size of your photos in Large Images Are Killing Your Real Estate Website.

Expand Your Instagram Horizons

Today, no conversation about photography is complete without talking about Instagram. The photo-centric social platform made several big updates in 2016 that have a major impact on how business owners us it--including the introduction of business profiles.

Here's the lowdown on this year's biggest, buzziest Instagram developments:

Flyers and Graphics and Templates, Oh My!

There's always one tool that comes up when talking about graphic design for real estate: Canva. Canva is an app that lets anyone design professional looking marketing materials in just minutes. You can use it to make infographics for sharing on social media, digital ads, and even real estate flyers. (Speaking of flyers, here's some advice on creating good ones.)

If you have zero interest in dabbling in a little design work, never fear. These free real estate marketing templates can rescue you from all of that bother. Just customize with your name and information and you're good to go!

That wraps up our compendium of real estate multimedia trends in 2016. Are there any major developments that we missed? Enlighten us in the comments below.