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Technology Alert: Chatbot for Real Estate Industry

December 02 2016

lwolf Chat bot

Time is of essence in the real estate industry. You need to stay on top of every market trend. In one of our previous blogs, we spoke about how millennials are entering the buyers' market. Millennials as we all know are tech savvy and everything is instantaneous. You need to make sure you provide accurate and comprehensive information to stay ahead of the game.

But we know it's impossible to hire someone who will be willing to work 24/7, and this is where the new chatbot technology can come to your rescue.

What is a chatbot you ask? It's also referred to as a chatter botchatter bot. This computer software is programmed to send specially crafted messages and audio clips to any enquiries. Chatbots are designed to hold human-like conversation with people on the other side of the computer. Here are three ways a chatbot can revolutionize the real estate industry:

1. Bring in hot leads

Yes, you heard it right, chatbots can be designed to ask specific questions that will improve the response rate of the client. Chatbots can be programmed to send specific answers to help keep the person chatting engaged and informed. This technology can help you filter the leads and get best-in-class leads.

2. It's instant

Everyone is thirsty for information and if you don't give it to them fast, they either lose interest or head over to the competition. Chatbots give instant replies anytime of the day. These can be accessed through any device that provides instant and accurate customer service.

3. Saves time

Prospecting and cold calling will be effective with a chatbot. We all know agents spend a considerable amount of time prospecting and with all the listings, showings, open houses, closing, training, etc., they end up missing opportunities and clients lose interest.

Chatbots are also known to be predictive; they can learn behavior and almost anticipate the next question, making the entire chat process smooth and human-like. Though this technology is new, it looks like chatbotschatbots are here to stay.

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