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Making it Hard for Buyers to Book Showing Appointments?

April 01 2010

Already use a showing appointment product? Are you using it to its potential?

A real estate agent's goal is to make it easy for potential home buyers to book a showing for their listing. Why go to the trouble of picking out a showing appointment software program that you don't know how to use, turning away home buyers instead of signing them up?

ShowingSuite, a company that provides showing appointment software solutions, recently wrote a blog post detailing three ways to make booking a showing appointment easier on the buyer.

  1. Keep the home available to show;
  2. Be flexible with showing appointments;
  3. Respond to ALL showing appointment requests asap.

Continue reading to find out how to avoid common scheduling pitfalls...

Are your listings readily available when buyers call to schedule showing appointments?

It would be a shame for you to put forth all of the effort to sit down with sellers, get the home priced right to compete with neighboring listings, and market the home to generate a buzzing interest…only to leave interested buyers struggling to get through the front door.

As crazy as it all sounds…the idea of buyers not being able to see the homes they’re interested in is not that far-fetched. Infact, many buyers come across at least one or two properties that suffer from this problem while house-hunting.

While you’re doing everything you can as the listing agent to get the home the most exposure—you may be forgetting about the hoops buyers may need to jump through in order to book a showing appointment and see the property.

What are some steps you can take in order to keep it easy on buyers to schedule showing appointments on your listings?

1. Keep the Home Available to Show
If your seller tells you they will only allow showings on the weekend from 1-3pm then you should ask how badly they want to sell their home. If it’s a hassle for buyers to book showing appointments then they’ll just move on to the next house. Make sure there’s a large window for buyers to book their showing appointment, after all, they have schedules they’re working around too.

2. Be Flexible with Showing Appointments
It’s bound to happen—you get notice that a buyer wants to book a showing appointment 30 minutes from now and they’re on their way to the property. Better yet, they’re standing out front and want to pop inside. While this may be frustrating (especially if you’re one to prep the house before each showing), keep in mind that every “no” could be a missed sale. You never know when the right buyer is going to show up.

3. Respond to ALL Showing Appointment Requests ASAP
Many buyers come across a listing they like only to find it’s by appointment only and yet their phone calls, voicemails, and emails all go unanswered. Be sure that you are returning ALL showing appointment requests within a reasonable time-frame, even if it’s to schedule the showing appointment at a different time than requested.

In short, buyers should be able to easily schedule showing appointments on all of your properties. The easier it is for buyers to see a house, the easier it will be to sell. Be sure to explain to your sellers that homes that are readily available will have the best chances of selling.

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