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Texting for the 21st Century Real Estate Agent

November 03 2016

wisea texting 21st century agent

No matter where you are or what you are doing, everyone around you is texting—constantly. Texting has become the most widely and commonly used feature on phones and has become a crucial part of business, especially in the real estate industry.

In fact, by choosing to text with a prospect, you are 40 percent more likely to convert them into a client. Let's look at the depths of texting for the 21st century real estate agent.

It's Quicker and More Efficient

Texting is a quick and simple way to communicate with someone because they are brief and to the point. When you are contacting a prospect, texting is a good way to force yourself to keep the message concise. If you are setting up a time to meet to discuss a new property, you can talk about the details in person rather than spilling them out in a lengthy email.

Just text where and when you're going to meet and, bam! – you have a meeting planned. Texting saves time and helps you stay focused on the message at hand. Texting guarantees that your prospect will get your message and there is a higher response rate because text messages are generally read within three minutes of receipt.

It's More Personal

If you are selling a client their first home, texting is a great way to give updates, quick facts and to keep in touch throughout the process. Texting is one of the most personal forms of communication and it is more casual, meaning you can be more thoughtful and build better relationships. Even the best email can get lost in your client or prospect's inbox – texting helps solidify the bridge of communication.

Millennials Don't Like Talking on the Phone

By the year 2020, almost half of all employees will be millennials. Millennials love texting, but hate talking on the phone, so if you are serious about earning a new millennial client or keeping your existing millennial client happy, you need to utilize texting.

Millennials believe that phone calls are disruptive and they prefer receiving texts. Millennials are on the hunt for their first home and they want an agent who can adhere to these needs.

Texting Makes for an Easy Follow-up

Texting is a great conversational starting point for real estate agents when prospects want to know more information. Texting makes for simple and seamless follow-ups because it's quick, you're highly likely to receive a response and your prospect or client will have something physical to reference easily. Rather than searching through their inbox full of hundreds of emails, they can quickly look at your text.

Texting offers agents a personal, but efficient way to reach out to clients and give them the space and comfort they need to communicate effectively. In today's world, texting is a form of communication that should be utilized by every real estate agent.

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