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'How are we doing?' – Asking for feedback

October 16 2016

tribus asking feedbackDo you ever wonder how good you really are at the work you do? If the clients you work with feel valued and supported? Do you close every deal with a client, and leave wondering if you could've done anything to take your service level from good to great?

There's really only one right answer to these questions. You should always be wondering how good you are, and what you can do to improve. The best of the best are always striving to make the customer experience the absolute best it can be.

Now that we've determined that you should always be challenging yourself to go the extra mile for your clients, how do you know if your customers are feeling the love? You may feel like you're putting in 110 percent effort to keep your clients happy, but your clients may feel differently.

Like it or not, the adage is true: perception is reality. If your clients feel like you're only giving 75 percent, it's up to you to change that—and fast. Customer feedback and reviews are the best way to find out what you're doing right and what things you may need to improve.

Customer Reviews

One way, and probably the best way, to find out how your clients feel about you is to simply ask. Seems so simple, right? We're not talking about literally asking them right after they leave your office. Can you say 'awkward'? Customers aren't usually going to be eager to share their true feelings about you and your service if you put them on the spot like that. But what you can do is ask for their feedback. Ask them to share their experience.

Websites like Yelp are popular because, for the most part, they provide honest business reviews. As with any review, you have to take them with a grain of salt, but it's often easy to spot the bogus ones. And they're generally the exceptions.

One way to solicit feedback is to add a form to your website for reviews. Encourage your clients to feel comfortable sending you feedback at the end of their experience with you. Of course, by the end of the process, they'll have your phone number, email address, etc, so they'll already know how to get in touch with you. A website form will allow them to submit reviews anonymously if they so choose.

A word of warning: if a client is submitting an anonymous review, it's probably not going to be good—but it'll likely be honest!

Share Testimonials

Now that you've asked for feedback, you've gotten some reviews (good and not so good), you've taken concrete steps to improve your skills and you're confident you're on the right track, it's crucial that you start bragging about yourself if you haven't already. Share your good reviews with the world. You should have a section on your website dedicated to client testimonials.

So, never assume you know how you're doing with your customers. Ask. Learn. Improve. And, don't forget to boast.

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