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New SentriLock and Homesnap Integration Helps Agents Shine During Showings

September 08 2016

Agents have a new way to impress clients during a showing, thanks to a new partnership between SentriLock and Homesnap. Realtors can now access property data right from SentriSmart, the lockbox maker's mobile app. When obtaining lockbox information from the app, users are able to open the listing's property details from Homesnap in just one click.

If that sounds familiar, it's because Sentrilock launched a similar integration with Realtors Property Resource (RPR) in June. In fact, the process of accessing data from both integrations is exactly the same. After receiving entering the lockbox code, SentriSmart prompts the agent to open the listing's property details page, as seen in the image below.

sentrilock homesnap integration 1

Simply select your integration partner of choice, and SentriSmart will automatically send you directly to the property details page in either the RPR or Homesnap mobile apps.

How It Works

The property details integration is completely painless. After from a few initial set-up steps, instantly accessing listing info is a breeze. To get started, make sure that both SentriSmart and either Homesnap and/or RPR are installed on your phone.

Next, open the SentriSmart app; all setup is done from here and does not need to be repeated in the partner apps. Go to the Settings tab and make sure that Enable Listing Detail Integration is toggled. It will be green when enabled.

That's it! Pretty simple, eh?

One note: both integrations are one-way. That means you can't, say, access SentriSmart from the listing details page in the RPR app.

Homesnap vs. RPR

With two integrations available to you, which should you use? That's entirely up to your personal preferences, and the availability of each in your local market. Both Homesnap and RPR give you access to MLS-only information like showing instructions.

Homesnap, however, offers a messaging feature that lets you communicate with clients using their consumer-facing version of their app. So if you've already been using Homesnap as a collaborative tool with your clients, you may favor this integration.

RPR, on the other hand, is a Realtor-only application. It will give you impressive information for any property in the US via RPR's parcel-centric database. While there are no overt client collaboration features, agents can generate and send clients a variety of reports, like the Mini Property Report, in just a few clicks.

rpr SentriLock data details page

If both integrations are available in your market, why not try each one and see which you like best? We're just glad that SentriLock is offering its users multiple options. That way, agents are free to choose the tools that work best for them.