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3 Elements of a Winning Listing Presentation

June 19 2016

ipad clients matureWe've all heard about how agents can use video to market their listings. Today, we're going to look at a unique way that agents can leverage video to engage sellers and win more listings.

This is a concept pioneered by Garry Wise, co-founder of GoodLife Realty and The Paperless AgentThe Paperless Agent. Wise uses the videos to support another concept he's developed--the "3 Ps of Selling"--as a way to both prepare sellers for the home selling process and engage them in that process.

"We share the 3 Ps with clients both before and during the listing presentation," says Wise. "We share the information via short YouTube videos before to prepare the client for the listing presentation, which allows us to cover our services in more depth during the presentation and reinforce the information we've already shared."

The idea is to educate clients and make them feel like a partner in the selling process. This helps sellers better understand the role of the agent in the process, as well as the agent's value.

Here are the 3 Ps that the GoodLife Team uses, and the accompanying videos that they share.

1. Preparation

Before a home is put on the market, it first needs to be prepared. This means cleaning, staging, and making needed repairs. Wise informs his clients that he'll be doing a walkthrough of the home and noting necessary repairs.

Next, he discusses the importance of staging and cleanliness. To emphasize his points, he offers before and after photos of staged properties, and shares statistics linking staging and selling pricesstatistics linking staging and selling prices. He also refers sellers to a professional cleaning company to keep the home spotless while it's listed.

"By informing potential clients before the listing presentation, it becomes easier to convince sellers they need to prepare and stage their home," says Wise. Here's the video he shares with sellers to convince them of the importance of preparation:

2. Price

Next, Wise talks to his sellers about pricing. While your CMA plays a role in this, Wise recommends also having a conversation about the dangers of overpricing. He calls overpricing "Limbo Land," a place where homes sit on the market indefinitely.

"Some people think they should price their home well above the market, in hopes people will make an offer, or negotiate down to the real price," says Wise. "Others think they should price the home just above the market, in hopes of fetching a few extra dollars."

Wise emphasizes to sellers that price is a tool for attracting buyers and offers, and that it's important to price a home in a way that attracts buyer interest and multiple offers. Let sellers know that multiple offers give sellers leverage to negotiate for a higher price. Pricing a home mindfully at the start is crucial to accomplishing this.

Wise uses a video slideshow to talk about this before diving into the CMA. Take a look below:

3. Promotion

Finally, Wise delves into the details of his marketing strategy. At GoodLife Realty, this strategy has two phases: pre-listing and post-listing. The pre-listing phase involves optimizing SEO so the home shows up on the first page of Google, blog posts, Facebook campaigns for generating buzz, and more.

Next, Wise explains his post-listing strategies he uses to put the home in front of potential buyers. This includes things like Facebook marketing, Craigslist, website promotion, and more.

If you'd like more information on the pre-listing and post-listing marketing strategies that Wise uses, check out The Paperless Agent's new Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) certification course. You'll get detailed advice on leveraging all of the 3 Ps above, tips for winning the listing presentation, and much more! For more information, visit