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Top 10 Most Read Articles of March

April 01 2016

agent front of listing 3I don't know what was in the air last month–a bit of spring fever, maybe–but our readership numbers blew the records of previous months away. Perhaps it was a bit of controversy that stirred the pot (see #3 below), or maybe agents and brokers are just ramping up for the upcoming selling season.

Whatever the reason, we're happy that so many real estate professionals connected with the articles published on RE Technology in March. Below is a list of the 10 most popular. Use them to get primed for the busy sales season ahead.

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1. 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Real Estate Agents
Want to get more out of your online experience? Put your web browser to work for you! Google's Chrome browser offers thousands of extensions that you can install to boost your productivity. Like apps for your mobile phone, these add-ons range from social media sharing buttons to extensions that block online distractions so that you can better focus on important tasks. Ready to give your productivity a boost? These seven Chrome extensions can help turn you into a web power user!

2. 5 Basic Tips for Taking Great Photos With Your iPhone
Manufacturers are adding some incredible lenses to smartphones that make it a very convenient device to capture daily moments and upload them quickly to social media apps. We see a trend of agents using their smartphones to take pictures for their listings. So we're showing you some quick tips on how to get the best possible image using an iPhone with iOS 9. All features listed below are available on the iPhone 5 or newer.

3. I Didn't Hire FOUR Listing Agents!
There's nothing like becoming an ACTUAL customer of a product to give you a different perspective. I have looked at Zillow and other third party sites a gazillion times in my career as a consultant, but it took actually selling a home to really open my eyes.

4. 4 Things Super Producers Do Before They Leave Work
Do you ever wonder how the Super Producers of real estate got to be so successful? Do you wonder how you can make your own business flourish? Michael Maher, international best selling author and top selling agent, outlines an easy end-of-day ritual to help you maximize your productivity.

5. 5 Things for Sellers to Consider When Listing Their Home
It's every seller's dream to have their home listed under the perfect conditions in order to sell quickly and for top dollar. While putting on a great open house and making a good first impression are crucial to attracting buyers, there are other variables to consider when selling a home. Here are the top 5 things to consider.

6. 3 Must-Have Tools for 2016
There are plenty of general business tools out there that agents have been able to adapt to work for real estate. But sometimes agents need tools that are specific to real estate, especially when it comes to generating and managing leads. Today, we're focusing on tools that are built specifically with needs of real estate professionals in mind.

7. The "New Way" vs. the "Old Way" of Selling Real Estate
At too many brokerages, the process of onboarding new agents is limited to providing a desk and just telling you to call people that you know. There's little training and virtually no discussion of how to attract and work with today's consumer. But a whopping 97 percent of today's real estate consumers are online, according to Google. If you're relying on "old school" tactics alone to market your listings, you're missing out--and so are your sellers.

8. What to Do When Your Buyer Leaves You for Another Agent
Have you ever experienced a "cheating" client? Plenty of agents have. Maybe it happened when your buyer went to an open house and decided to buy with the listing agent. Or maybe the buyer decided to close with a friend after weeks of you chauffeuring them to showings. Whatever the case, it still hurts to lose a client like this. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening again, but here are some tips on what to do right now.

9. 7 Tips for Better Interior Listing Photos
If an attractive exterior photo is what first draws prospects to click on your listing, your interior shots are what really sells the home. But they can be tricky to master, and it's easy to drive property searchers away with images that are too dark or poorly composed. To help you make the most of your inside shots, we've rounded up a bunch of tips for capturing photos that buyers will love.

10. 5 Ways to Market the Neighborhoods You Serve
Real estate professionals have heard so much about becoming a "local expert," that by now it's become a cliche. However, the reason agents are so frequently offered this advice is because it fulfills a consumer need--the need for neighborhood specific information. Regardless of what interests prospects about an area, it's to your benefit to provide as much information as possible. If you're stumped on where to start, we've got a few ideas to get you going.