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How a 375-Unit Super Agent Uses Technology

February 05 2016

victor hg lindahl

Kris Lindahl is pictured here on the left with RE/MAX President Jeff Lewis and top producing Nashville agent, Gary Ashton

Super agents and real estate teams are changing the dynamics of real estate. RE Technology CEO, Victor Lund, met up with Kris Lindahl from Minnesota to learn about his success and the technology tools that he leverages in his business.

In terms of production, Kris Lindahl was doing over 150 units a year with one assistant. He realized that for his business to grow, he needed to develop into a team to support expansion. Today, the Lindahl team just completed a year of 375 transactions supported by 10 people with a total dollar volume of just under 100 million.

A primary component of Kris' success is centered on his website domain strategy. He owns some fantastic URLs - and Knowing this does not provide you with much help, but I would suggest that in your market you seek out domain names like "" or "" or some other derivative. The takeaway here is that not only is a good domain name a valuable asset for success, but what you put on the domain is also a key ingredient.

In Lindahl's case, he is contracting with Real Estate WebmastersReal Estate Webmasters for his website. His primary site is "I generate a lot of leads off of my website, but where it really helps is in listing presentations," says Lindahl. "I explain to sellers that in working with me, they gain access to the largest RE/MAX office in the world – RE/MAX Results, the international reach of – and only with me will they be featured on my popular area websites that are optimized for the way that consumers search."

Real Estate Webmasters is unique because they are websites that are designed from the ground up to support team collaboration – including SEO, CRM, and lead distribution. "Having a good site that supports the business is important, but that is only a start. It's how you work it that drives business."

Lead conversion was not that great until Lindahl added a service called Happy Grasshopper to his website. Happy Grasshopper is an email system that sends customized email messages to his registered users and sphere that are genuine and sincere.

"Every lead follow-up system comes with canned drip marketing," says Lindahl. "But to be effective, the email messages needed to be original and reflect me. I would never have the time to send out all of these emails to every person today, so I needed automation – and that is what I get from Happy Grasshopper. I call it drip with personality."

Happy Grasshopper interviewed Kris to understand his personality, then they wrote hundreds of unique custom emails for him that are authentic – and the results are phenomenal. "Every email that gets sent looks and sounds like I wrote it, and that makes the difference," says Lindahl. "It has resulted in huge increases in open rates and engagement. It not only fills my sales funnel, but it is part of my client for life strategy that is also driving levels of repeat and referral business that I never imagined."

Lund asked Lindahl if he felt that it was phony to have someone do the writing for him. "Not at all," replied Lindahl. "I am not a writer, but Dan at Happy Grasshopper is. Having him support me to insert myself into email communication is leveraging an expert. What I do well is Facebook – I am on it all of the time and I stay connected to people in a genuine way through that. Sure, my page has some automated posts to beef up the content, but, by and large, it's all me."

As for closing thoughts, Lindahl suggests that you connect with other top-producing agents from around the country. They will tell you what technology works and what does not. "Having the Real Estate Webmasters site was not enough; it's the Happy Grasshopper touch that makes it all work!"