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Resources to Maximize Your ROI in 2016

December 08 2015

agent sign sold 3In his appearance on a recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Jimmy Mackin, co-founder of, shared these great sites you can use to grow your business in 2016. Check out the best of team management, lead gathering, and branding ideas below!

  • has examples of some of the best "about" pages on the internet. Everyone in real estate is saying the same thing on their about page – take a look at these to get inspiration on how you can infuse your about page with personality to help it stand out.

  •, a hub of wedding planning, may seem like a strange place to go for real estate, but here you can search for professional photographers. Mackin suggests that you "get professional photography of your team, get professional photography of your area. You will reuse it over, and over, and over, and over again."

  • is a team communication and messaging app. To help minimize the time lapse in business communication that can turn what should be a quick communication into hours of back and forth texting and calling. Mackin uses Slack because "it allows you to set up a very simple portal where you can communicate with your entire team in real time."

  • and are two sites you can use to outsource your copywriting. Mackin recommends you start by getting a professional bio and 'about' page made.

  • is, according to Mackin, "a way to integrate lead capture into your existing website without having to build out a bunch of custom work."

  • and are sites where "you can create dedicated landing pages that you can link to from different pages of your site." These help you capture leads by showing a popup box offering assistance, offering sign-up, or taking a poll to gather contact information. You can also create your own landing pages. Click here for examples of great landing pagesexamples of great landing pages!

  • is a service that takes your messages and turns them into digital, handwritten messages. This gives your communications a more personal feel than a standard Arial or Times New Roman message can provide. You can also send in a sample of your own handwriting to create your own font.

Investing in these tools can help save you time, get you more leads, and make a big impact with your clients. For more information on ways to maximize your business potential, re-watch the complete webinar at You can also register for the next Secrets webinarnext Secrets webinar online!

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