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6 Tips to Increase Your Real Estate Feedback Response Rate

October 01 2015

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If you're like some of our other customers, you know how hard it is for other agents to respond to your feedback requests, no matter how good they look.

Here are 6 tips on how to construct the perfect real estate feedback form:

Keep it under six questions.

You know what busy feels like. The last thing you want is to answer a 20 question feedback form. Think about surveys you like and have answered – if you're like me, I do a happy dance if they are only five questions and take a max of three minutes to complete. When a feedback form is six questions or under, it doesn't overwhelm survey takers. It gives them the confidence that, yes, it really will only take two to three minutes.

Less is more.

Don't write a novel. Keep your sentences short and clearly indicate what you want in only a few words. Limit required fields to only the most important questions – nothing is more frustrating than having to fill in 10 questions when you didn't even want to take the survey in the first place.

Think, "How can I make this as painless as possible?" The clearer the question, the easier and faster it is for survey takers to complete your feedback form.

Prioritize the most important things.

A.K.A., Thoughts on the price and condition of the home. The goal is to GET feedback, so if you have to shorten the list a little, it will be worth it. What will be the most compelling information to present to your sellers or help you sell the home best?

If you're having trouble picking which questions to ask, write out a list of things you want feedback on and pick the top six. The last thing agents want is a time waster – so help them to feel like they are answering questions that actually matter.

Customize the questions for each listing.

Write one or two customized questions so it doesn't look like a "one size fits all" feedback survey. This shows that you and your sellers really care about the feedback. You can even sell a little bit here, "How important was the short walking distance to downtown?" etc.

Do some tests.

A particular question not working out? Try rewording it or arranging it in a different way. For example, a multiple choice question that isn't generating much response may get more takers when it's a simple text box and they can put whatever they want in there. When all else fails, you can always test two different feedback forms and see which one works better.

Offer an incentive.

Create a drawing or contest to make buyers agents WANT to fill out your survey. Who doesn't love to win something? This doesn't have to be elaborate; even a $15 Target gift card is compelling.

Getting this feedback will improve your business and foster a better seller relationship while selling their home faster. Don't be afraid to switch it up if a particular survey isn't working like you thought – and remember the best feedback form is one that is actually answered!

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