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Helpful Hints for Real Estate Blogging

June 08 2011

bloggerAccording to the 2011 NAR Member Guide, 90% of all dues paying members do not blog. What this means is that there is room for you, as an agent or broker, to get involved in this form of online marketing and be successful. Blogs can be a useful marketing tool in becoming a well known agent or broker in your area, which in turn gets you more business. The more exposure, the more potential customers!

Here are some tips that can help you become a blogging expert:



Have a “blogging niche”

Think of an area that you are interested in and is valuable to your potential readers. That is a good place for you to create your blogging niche. Make sure you pick a topic that you anticipate yourself being able to generate new, interesting and relevant content for your readers.

Know your audience

Who are you writing to? Clients, potential clients, other agents and brokers? Decide who your audience is before posting and make sure the information is valuable to them specifically. No matter who you are writing for, make sure to use your voice and personality in the blog. It’ll make readers feel closer to you and eager to read your latest posts!

Write an outline

Before writing your post and putting it on the Web, write an outline of exactly what you want to cover. This can be an in-depth or general as you want. Many times bloggers get caught up in writing and tend to ramble. The outline is valuable when you are writing your post so you can look back on it and make sure you are covering everything you originally intended.


Keep your blogging consistent

A lot of bloggers make the mistake of posting lots of blogs right in a row and then stopping for a few weeks. These types of inconsistencies will keep viewers from returning to your page and viewing you as an expert. Map out what topics you want to cover in a month and space them out appropriately. If it’s easier, pick a day of the week when you will update your blog. Then every Monday, your audience will know they can check in with you for a new, valuable post!

Promote your blog

Use your network to gain more attention for your blog. Link it to your Facebook page, Twitter account and personal website. Also, comment on other industry experts’ blogs to foster the exchange of knowledge and stimulate conversation in your community. Most will allow you to link back to your blog, or at least will display your name, so others reading will get to know you. The more people who have the opportunity to see your blog, the wider your sphere of influence.

Remember, only about 10% of real estate professionals maintain a blog. There is a lot of room on the Web for you to become the expert in your area through blogging. Hopefully, the tips above will help you on your way! Any bloggers out there have other valuable tips?

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