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RPR's New iPad App: What It Can Do for REALTORS®

August 11 2015

rpr ceo 201507 1It's been almost a year since Realtors Property Resource® launched its smartphone app, RPR Mobile™RPR Mobile™. This month, the company released a version of RPR that's optimized for iPad and Android tablets. With this latest iteration, REALTORS® can now access RPR® on all of their iOS and Android devices.

Bill Lublin, CEO of Century 21 Advantage Gold in southeastern Pennsylvania, was among the first to test out the new tablet-optimized app. "The RPR Mobile iPad app and Android tablet app is really nice because it allows you to be collaborative at the scene," he says. "[It] brings you and the consumers into a sort of a conference huddle type of mode where you're discovering information together, you're helping them understand the information that they're looking at. And that's building trust, building mutual experience, and making the entire process smoother for everyone that's involved."

For more on Bill's experience with RPR Mobile, see the video below:

Bill isn't the only REALTOR® to sing the praises of RPR's mobile solution. "RPR came to life when the app was released," top agent Dale Chumbley told us in an interview earlier this year. The app is a potent resource on the go because it weds smartphone capabilities to all of RPR's analytical, search, and report generating features. For example:

  • Text: Users can generate reports on the fly and instantly text or email them to clients and prospects.
  • Call: Every property listing on RPR Mobile has a click-to-call button. Just click this button to contact the agent and schedule a showing—all without having to search for or dial a phone number.
  • GPS: RPR Mobile taps into your phone's geo-locational capabilities to let you search the homes around you to view a property's details and estimated value. This is especially helpful when trying to understand property values in a neighborhood.
  • Camera: Let's be honest—a lot of MLS photos are just plain terrible. Fortunately, you can add your own photos to any RPR report. Use your phone's camera to snap better images of a property and add them to a report directly from RPR Mobile. You can use this feature to prepare reports for homes that are not yet on the MLS, too!

RPR Mobile™ in the Field

Now that you know about some of RPR's great features, how can you leverage them in your day-to-day activities? Here are a few ideas.

Responding to Leads. Response time is critical to converting leads. To stay ahead of the competition, agents need to be able to respond from anywhere at any time. That's why RPR Mobile has become REALTOR® Dale Chumbley's secret weapon. Any time he receives a new lead, he's alerted by text. He then looks up the property in question on RPR Mobile, generates a Mini Property Report, and immediately emails it to the prospect.

"It's just a very quick easy way for me to get some real value information to that consumer," he says. For more on how Dale leverages RPR Mobile, watch the video below.

Open Houses. Looking for a way to show your value and connect with potential buyers? RPR Mobile has your back. At open houses, REALTOR® Nicole Nicolay uses print-outs of the Mini Property Report and Neighborhood Report to pique interest in buyers. "I piggyback on the information I provide in the reports," she told us in an interview earlier this year. "When I'm talking to prospective clients, I'll say 'Well, if you want more information about the neighborhood, this is an example of a Neighborhood Report that I can provide just to you.'"

Nicole uses the moment to gather the consumer's or potential client's contact information and emails or texts the report to them. "Taking the information down and then being able to turn around and give them a report helps me stand out at open houses," she says.

Providing Superior Customer Service. RPR Mobile lets you provide valuable information to clients immediately, whether they're with you at a showing or asking a question remotely. It's also perfect for clients who request last minute showings, as Nicole Nicolay related to us in an article about how she leverages RPR Mobile.

While driving to a friend's baby shower, Nicole received a call from a client who was parked in front of a home she wanted to see. Nicole pulled over, used the click-to-call button to immediately schedule a showing, and sent the client a Mini Property Report to look over until she arrived at the showing.

It took 30 minutes to show the client the home and Nicole was still able to make it to the baby shower on time. "As a REALTOR®, you're at the mercy of your clients," she says. "You want to be there for your clients, but you also want to have a life. So it's really awesome that [RPR Mobile] gives you the information that you need, anytime and anywhere, and allows you to actually have a life, too."