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A Look at the Marketing Opportunities .REALTOR Offers

July 17 2015

web address url 3In the early days of the internet, there were just seven top-level-domains (TLDs); .com, .org, .edu, .net., .int, .gov and .mil. These were put in place to provide some distinction between the types of websites a user was visiting (e.g., commercial, organization, education, etc.). Now, in 2015, there are more than 1,300 TLDs, including the new .REALTOR domain, which brings a unique and a powerful marketing opportunity to REALTORS®.

Technical Background:

In 2014, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released the .REALTOR domain to NAR. Today, NAR is in good company with hundreds of major brands and categories that have also received approval for a top-level domain, like .tv, .bank, .Google, .Canon, .Honda, .Marriott, and .MLB. View the latest list of delegated TLDs.View the latest list of delegated TLDs.

Like other major brands and professions that are unleashing hidden branding potential with new TLDs, REALTORS® are differentiating themselves from other real estate professionals online. .REALTOR is a short, distinctive domain with a focused extension that lets consumers instantly know they've found a trusted source for real estate.

The Marketing Opportunity:

As a REALTOR®, it's imperative to know how TLDs will impact your web presence and online marketing. As more TLDs become mainstream, the Internet is being divided into categories. This makes it easier for consumers to navigate the online world and locate exactly what they need. Sooner than we think, the widely recognized .com domain will be viewed as dated and generic.

The .REALTOR domain separates NAR members from other real estate agents because only REALTORS® are eligible to claim one. The .REALTOR domain instantly brands a REALTOR® as a reliable professional, providing online credibility and reinforcing the high standards of ethics the REALTOR® brand represents.

Fast-Growing and Flexible:

members edge dotrealtorSince its launch in October 2014, .REALTOR has become one of the top 10 fastest growing domains of all time (outside of country codes). Much like other technologies that have made real estate professionals more marketable to the industry at large, REALTORS® who've been early adopters of the .REALTOR domain are enjoying a big competitive advantage over their non-TLD having counterparts.

Furthermore, the flexible design allows NAR members to easily-use .REALTOR in creative ways, such as connecting the new domain to existing websites so visitors are transparently redirected. Others advantages include taking advantage of the FREE® profile website, which allows them to combine social media feeds, client testimonials and listings in one easy-to-navigate spot. Further still, some are using their new .REALTOR domain to design their own custom website. One example includes six months of free hosting from Placester, a partner in the NAR's REALTOR Benefits® Program.

Learn more about claiming a .REALTOR domain for your real estate business. Your first domain is free for one year. There are also multi-domain and multi-year discounts available.

REALTORS® are not generic real estate professionals. You deserve an exclusive domain that instantly communicates to consumers what you stand for: ethics, professionalism and trust. Claim your .REALTOR domain now.

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