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4 Great Things QR Codes Say about You

May 31 2011

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We're all probably familiar with QR codes. The small squares that look almost like fingerprints, actually are a bit like fingerprints, digital fingerprints. You stick your QR code on a flyer, business card, property sign, advertisement, or website. When scanned by a Smartphone, the QR codes will send users wherever you'd like them to go on the Internet (i.e. your website).

1. "I'm tech-savvy."

QR codes are cutting edge. They exude "tech savvy" – and consumers expect their agents to be just that. In fact, the California Association of REALTORS®, in their annual Home Seller Survey, found that use of online advertising was one of the top requirements sellers were looking for in an agent.

These sellers have the right idea. In today's real estate market, fluency in online marketing is absolutely imperative. After all, the vast majority of buyers make online research part of their property search. In order to be successful, agents must be able to leverage this technology.

Some people may argue that the actual return on QR codes has not been proven, that they're fun, but far from lucrative. To people in this camp, we'd point out another aspect that shouldn't be ignored. Let's say someone is choosing between you and one of your competitors. You use QR codes and your competition does not. Being tech savvy just might be the competitive edge you need to gain that person's business.

2. "I care about the environment."

Some people don't own a Smartphone. Some never will. For these people, having flyers on a yard sign is important. However, many home buyers have a Smartphone and would love the opportunity to use it. Why? Because their property search can be entirely paperless. They'll feel good about themselves for going green. They'll feel good about you for being progressive and environmentally-minded. Everybody wins.

3. "I'm responsive."

Use of a QR code says, "I'm responsive to your needs." People want to be able to get the information they desire in a way that's comfortable for them – with their mobile phone. By giving them a QR code that lets them find in-depth info right at the very moment, you are saying, "I understand what you want, when you want it, and where you want it, and I'm able to deliver it."

"Most of our users are sending their QR codes to a personal profile page as opposed to specific property details," says Erik Goldhar of Clikbrix (http://Clikbrix.com "We create these profile pages for REALTORS® so that consumers find valuable information under a variety of circumstances. For example, a certain property may be out of the price range of a potential home buyer, so the agent would want them to see other property options. ORET qrcode video youtuber a property may go off the market, so the agent would want home buyers to see available properties. A list of properties does live on each agent profile so visitors can scroll through them."

Want to make a consumer's experience in going to your site really fantastic? Consider sending a QR code to a video. We've been looking into video quite a bit lately and like the way it can immediately capture attention and establish an emotional connection with visitors.

4. "I respect your privacy."

Of course agents love leads. But consumers might not have the same opinion. Oftentimes, they don't want to give out their name, phone number, or email. QR codes offer consumers complete privacy. They can browse property details and agent profiles without feeling pressured. They'll appreciate that you gave them the opportunity to learn more on their own terms.

"A QR code is simply a link," explains Mr. Goldhar. "It's is a driver to online content. If that content is built for mobile devices and provides some sort of benefit to users, there's a good chance that the traffic from QR codes will result in leads, leads from people who have opted-in and truly want to hear from the agent."

Learn more about QR codes.

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