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CoreLogic MarketLinx Transaction Manager

March 18 2010

corelogic marketlinx logoCoreLogic MarketLinx has modified their Transaction Management interface from earlier versions to a simpler, straightforward design. Their full transaction management can include multiple modules including a Fax Manager, Document Management as well as the transaction scheduling/monitoring component. Each of these products can also be used independently. The CoreLogic MarketLinx products can be fully integrated with MLS systems allowing for the flow of data from the MLS system to Document Manager or Transaction Manager.

CoreLogic MarketLinx has built in some user controls into their transaction and document management products that allow users to decide how they want their display to look. If they are more comfortable with the look and feel of the Document Manager or the Transaction Manager they can set the system up to use that view as the interface.

The Transaction Manager view displays all of the transaction files and activities that a user has scheduled. New files can be created right from this page or the user can open an existing file or activity.

CoreLogic MarketLinx has done a great job of presenting a system that has significant depth and sophistication with an interface that doesn’t overwhelm the new user. Menu choices are kept to a minimum as a user enters a module they are presented with manageable and understandable options. This is not as easy as it sounds as some transaction management systems, while powerful, can appear fairly complicated with the number of options facing a user on each screen. MarketLinx has learned from their experience to “guide” the user through the transaction process in manageable chunks.

To illustrate this, consider the choices on the CoreLogic MarketLinx Dashboard. The choices are really quite simple and easy to follow:

• My transaction files
• Things to do today
• New messages associated with the transaction.

When the user does open a transaction file and move into the transaction main view it is easy to understand the choices and all the information on the transaction is here including documents, participants, activities and services.

Setting activities is accomplished either manually or through the use of action plan templates which are simple to build. Users can string activities together based a number of days from a date such as the listing date or transaction date, or an actual calendar date. Users can also create activities that are dependent on the completion date of other “to do” items which is an important feature.

Users can create custom folders in their inbox to easily upload documents and documents can even be originated from their MLS system, if integration is in place. While this is relatively easy, by selecting files from a menu “browse” option it would nice if they had a “drag and drop” capability to load documents. Documents can also be added into a transaction using general or specific fax sheets.

If specific sheets are used the documents will be loaded into whatever folder the user designates.

On the the negative side, only Internet Explorer is supported, though CoreLogic MarketLinx claims Firefox works fine. They also say that Safari will work but they do not guarantee that it will do everything the way it will on Internet Explorer.


The MarketLinx Transaction Manager product is a full-featured product that has been field tested now for several years. MarketLinx employs a modular design so clients can begin with any of the modules including Fax, Document Management or Transaction Management and add other modules when they are ready. Each of the modules has a very similar look and feel and Document Management and Transaction Management offer the user options on how they want their dashboard to look. This attention to the user interface is reflected in the overall look and feel of the product, which is certainly one of the most user friendly products in the Transaction Management world. CoreLogic MarketLinx should certainly be included in any serious review of Transaction Management products.