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5 Blogging Lessons Straight from Hollywood

May 01 2011

the fighter movie coverFor this week's movie night, I gave up my chick pick and let my beau choose. It was a good call. He picked one with a super hottie. The Fighter chronicles the story of Mickey Ward and his journey to a Welterweight Title. if you haven't watched it yet, it's out on DVD and you should definitely rent it.

Ward was known for his left hook to the body and his ability to take a lot of punches while waiting to land it. In fight after fight he was basically declared dead before coming back to drop his opponent.

Sometimes we all feel like we are being beaten down by a faster, better prepared opponent. But, like in so many stories, it seems to be those who can take a bit of punishment that can end up victorious.

Mickey was prepared to take a lot of punches when he stepped into the ring. Like all fighters, he was trained to take them. It got me thinking that if I was prepared to take more punches, it might be easier to get to those late rounds and enjoy more victories myself.

If Mickey Ward Wrote a Blog:

1. He wouldn't worry if no one read or commented on it. He'd refocus and write some more.

Who says that you can't rewrite a headline, tweak and repost a blog, or revisit a subject. Writing a bad blog post will help you write a better one next time.

2. He wouldn't worry if he didn't know what to do. He'd go back to fundamentals, "head, body, head, body."

"Keep it Local" – and when all else fails, write about a movie :)

3. He wouldn't worry if someone booed him or asked the ref to call the fight. He'd keep his hands up and prove them wrong.

If someone disagrees with what you wrote, welcome the conversation and start the debate.


4. He wouldn't walk into the ring unprepared. He'd know the other fighter inside and out.

Doing a little research can turn just another blog post into a great one.

5. He wouldn't go it alone. He'd make sure that he was surrounded by the people he knew would help him win.

What else can I say – "Why wouldn't you use the power of blogging?"

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