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Why Should Agents Work for Your Company?

April 25 2011


Guest contributor PCMS Consulting says:

Are you and your team ready to answer these questions convincingly?

I am 49 years old. I have two college degrees, have worked in corporate America, and have a significant amount of sales training. Do you want to recruit me?

If I were in the market to become an agent for a real estate brokerage, I would consider myself the "agent of the future" and, as such, would have certain expectations of the company I would choose to work for. Here are some of the questions I might ask the owner/recruiter:

  • What kind of reputation do you have? Are you known as professional, active in the community, and held in high esteem? Are you viewed as a leader and innovator?
  • What kind of Web presence do you have? Do you have an engaging and entertaining website with lots of relevant and professionally written content? Are your agents' websites consistent with the look and feel of yours... same branding, etc.?
  • What is your Internet marketing strategy? What are you doing regarding social media? What is your blog all about? How are you distributing your listings? I want to know how you are driving traffic to your site that is eventually going to turn into business for me.
  • Finally, I want to know what you stand for and what your value proposition is. I want to know that you care enough about me and my success to coach me and keep me focused so that I can be happy, successful, and proud of who I work for.

Here is what would turn me off:

  • If you spent all our time together telling me how great you and your company are instead of how I fit and how I can be successful because of the things you do for your agents
  • If you trash your competition
  • If you make it all about money
  • If you have a bad reputation
  • If you have a bad online presence
  • If your agents are unprofessional

Granted, I would be a new agent who would have to be trained versus an experienced one who might bring you business sooner. However, wouldn't you agree there are plenty of people out there like me, with or without real estate sales experience, that are starting to ask these kinds of questions?

The market is evolving and the needs of agents are evolving faster than the ability of most brokers to keep up. Are you and your team ready to answer my questions?


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