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The Queue: Groupon and How Facebook Marries Wordpress

April 13 2011

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Slippery slope comes to mind. This week in The Queue, I covered the recent headlines involving Groupon and real estate, notably their well publicized deal with one of my favorite brokerages DreamTown Realty.

Group and social buying seem to be in the well beyond the fad stages. There is even a site called HouseTipper that is literally Groupon with only real estate specific offers. I am really hoping for some well thought out discussion on this one from believers in both sides in the comments below.

I received this Tweet a few weeks ago from my friend Andrew Machado: "Facebook Comments are the bee's knees." – @Pelechati

Come to find out Andrew was right. Facebook attempts to marry Wordpress with their comment plugin and may have hit a homerun. I recruited Jimmy Mackin of The MLS App to do a full overview. Jimmy also provided a detailed PICTORIAL HOW TOPICTORIAL HOW TO on his site that rocks, if you decide to go this route.

Surely a debate should rage on for as long as blogs have been in vogue, back links for SEO reasons have as well.

Does social and engagement (Facebook) beat out search and sell (Google)? I gave my thoughts in this week's episode would love to hear yours in the comments below. This includes anyone who would deem themselves lovers of SEO!

To watch the original video, as seen on YouTube, click hereTo watch the original video, as seen on YouTube, click here.

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