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How to Meet Prospects Halfway

March 22 2011

friendly woman smillingThis month the San Francisco Chronicle posted an article that might not be addressed to real estate agents, but it should be.

It’s called “6 Things to Do Before You Call a Real Estate Agent,” and much of the advice concerns cleaning, de-cluttering, mortgage pre-approval and other bits of leg work to make the home as attractive as possible to a buyer and facilitate a quick sale.

Lesson No. 6 is the clincher: Scout Potential Agents.

“Don’t just hire the first agent that appears in your Google search. Take the time to shop around and find an agent that is suited to your needs. You can start by asking for referrals from people who have recently moved, and there are several online resources for ranking and reviewing realtors. You’ll also want to look for an agent that is familiar with selling homes in your area, as he/she will be experts on pricing your home appropriately.”

The beauty of having online real estate reviews for your business is that several of the points above, e.g. referrals from people who have recently moved, and looking for an agent in their area, can be complied in your ReachFactor profile. Ideally, you want people in your market area to talk to your clients and hear your name as a referral.

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