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Websites Should Offer Value After the Deal

April 09 2015

webbox value post dealWhen it comes to your website, success is simply defined as a site that generates leads that lead to commissions. In this article, we take a look at what we do after we've achieved success. What can we do to add value AFTER the transaction closes? After all, we love referrals and those come from continued contact with our clients, especially after the successful closing.

You may still be sending letters and follow-up birthday or other greetings to your past clients. However, there is an online strategy that will add value to your website and create loyal ongoing past client visitors. One of the value-added online services is the continued updating of market statistics. Past buyers will always be interested in what nearby and similar properties are selling and for what prices.

What about offering a follow-up CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, for property owners who have purchased a home in the past few years? This will interest not only your own buyers but others who may be considering listing their homes. You shouldn't fear a CMA that doesn't show significant increases in value, or even one that shows a flat line or slight decrease. If your clients were happy with your services, they'll appreciate getting a true picture of the current market and the value of their property in that market.

Even better is to offer an email newsletter created especially for previous clients. Of course, you will have their email addresses from the transaction. You won't have to solicit that on the site with a form. However, there are a couple of methods of delivery. You could create a monthly or quarterly newsletter and just send it as an email. However, another approach adds value for your past clients while helping you with SEO as well.

Your monthly or quarterly newsletter could be a short summary of posts you've published that would be of interest to your past buyers or seller clients. Each summary would link to the article or blog post on the site. New and updated content for your website is an SEO plus. You may be blogging as well.

Doing this will generate visits to your site from the newsletters, but there's another benefit. When it comes to referrals, you'll find that some of your past clients will forward your newsletter email to someone they know. For example, one of our clients is in a vacation home market. Buyers live elsewhere and have an intense interest in what's going on. They aren't in the local area, so they value the newsletters with current information.

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