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Cloud Computing and Social Media in Today's Business World

March 14 2011

cloud computerNew technologies are always being released upon the public with promises of boosting efficiency and simplicity in our lives. However, for those who don’t consider themselves tech savvytech savvy, the world of new technology may seem overwhelming. It’s understandably difficult to keep up, especially for people who learned how to do their job before the digital age. Nevertheless, failing to keep up essentially gives competitors the upper hand.

In most sectors of the business world, including real estate, one of the most important technological advancements of recent years is social media. Potential customers and clients are attaining information through online contacts that serve as references to make important decisions. They spend more time interacting with fellow users through online forums and groups because social media because it’s less formal and easy to use. The main reason why social media is so easy is because it incorporates cloud computing; using networks and software hosted by third parties.

cloud computing1 Why use up precious bandwidth in house for storing high resolution videos, PDFs, and images that take up huge amounts of memory when they can be safely and securely storedsecurely stored elsewhere at low cost? Why make substantial investments in custom software that can take several months to engineer and perfect when such tools are already available for use at a fraction of the cost? The answers to these questions are self-evident and explain why many top of class companies in their respective fields opt for tools that incorporate cloud computing. While cloud computing is the new buzzword in the tech community, there is no doubt it will soon become a daily fixture in most professionals lives. 

With new technologies emerging every day, it can make self-proclaimed “technological illiterates” feel as though they’re losing touch.  While people don’t need to adopt every new gadget and tool, keeping a finger on the tech communities pulse through tech sites and blogs provides enlightenment into a world where some feel in the dark.

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