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How to Set up IFTTT for Lead Generation

March 11 2015

ss IFTTT lead genHave you checked out If This Then That (IFTTT) to use as real estate technology? Basically you can create automatic actions to be performed over pretty much anything you could want or think of. Want to save all those houses in a Google doc automatically? Check. Want an email every time someone tweets about you? Check. You can even program it to open the garage door every time you get home without pressing any buttons.

How about getting an email every time someone is moving to your city? Or getting alerts sent straight to your phone when a certain type of home pops up for sale in your area? Can we say sign me up for more home sales? This is lead generation FOR FREE. This is some pretty handy real estate technology. IFTTT will save you a lot of time while actually giving you legitimate leads you can follow up on.

Here is your step-by-step guide to more home sales:

1. Download IFTTT

It's available on Android, iOS, and your computer.

2. Sign up for your free account.

3. Open it up

Browse "recipes" that are already made. They have a LOT you can choose from.

ss IFTTT lead gen 01

4. Narrow your search to "Real Estate"

ss IFTTT lead gen 02

You'll see recipes pop up almost immediately. Browse through these until you find one (or more) that you want.

5. Click on the recipe

As an example, we chose "If a new real estate listing is found for a specific location, send the address to me."

ss IFTTT lead gen 03

In the URL section, you will have to go to on your browser and put in a search criteria for a city or type of home you want.

6. Put in your search parameters and copy the URL.

Paste the URL in the search area from the picture in step 5.

ss IFTTT lead gen 05

Then all you have to do is follow the step by step instructions it gives you and click "Finish"! It really is that easy.


You can also create your own.

1. Go back to the browse page

Switch it from "Browse" to "Manage"

ss IFTTT lead gen 06

Then click the "+" sign to start your very own recipe!

2. Click on the blue "+"

ss IFTTT lead gen 07

3. Select your "if"

ss IFTTT lead gen 08

Scroll through until you find one that interests you. We decided to go with Twitter. In the drop down, select "New tweet from search."

4. Next you will want to search in Twitter

Search for criteria that satisfies what you are looking for.

ss IFTTT lead gen 09

For us, we are looking for people who are moving to San Diego. After searching in Twitter for "moving san diego," we saw that in most of the tweets people were talking about moving to San Diego soon. Type in your search criteria JUST as you had it in the search box in Twitter. Click "Next" and it should look like the picture below:

ss IFTTT lead gen 10

5. Click on the red "+" for your "then" selection.

ss IFTTT lead gen 11

It can be a notification on your phone.

ss IFTTT lead gen 12

Or you can create a Google Drive spreadsheet.

ss IFTTT lead gen 13

We went ahead and selected "email."

6. After you make your selection

(if it is in fact an email) it will look something like this:

ss IFTTT lead gen 14

7. Click "Finish"

VoilĂ ! You have set up an automatic recipe to give you free leads and hopefully get you a few more home sales while you're at it!

8. Turn recipes on or off

All you have to do is go back to your "Manage" page and click on the little buttons next to the recipes to turn it on or off.

ss IFTTT lead gen 15

Simple right? Have fun scrolling through all the different recipes you can create--we sure did!

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