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How One Realtor® Leverages RPR for Lead Generation

March 04 2015

mobile uberificationYou're likely aware of the reports and other features of Realtors Property Resource® that can help drive the success of your business. But did you know that you can use RPR as a valuable lead generation tool, too?

We didn't either until a recent chat with Dale Chumbley, a second generation Realtor® based in Vancouver, Washington. Don't be surprised if you recognize Chumbley; he's shared his real estate technology expertise with audiences at Inman Real Estate Connect, NAR Annual and Midyear, and beyond. Today, he's going to share a few tips for leveraging RPR's new mobile appRPR's new mobile app in your marketing efforts.

Responding to Leads from Anywhere

For Chumbley, the mobile app is central to how he uses RPR with leads. "RPR came to life when the app was released," says Chumbley. "I'm such an on-the-go agent that the app has made RPR become part of my day-to-day world as opposed to a tool I use once in a while."

"One of the cool things to me about the app is anytime I receive a lead inquiry, I have it set up so that I get a text message," he says. As soon as that text alert comes in, Chumbley pulls up either the property's MLS number or address. Then he goes into RPR Mobile, pulls up the data from RPR and generates a Mini Report and immediately emails it to the prospect.

"What it's done is allow me, within just a couple of minutes, to be able to reply to the person that's inquiring on the property," says Chumbley. "I'm not just able to reply saying, 'Hey, I got your message. I'll get back to you later.' I'm able to reply to them immediately, 'I'm here. I'm happy to help. Here's a bunch of data for you to start looking through. Let me know when you are at a point where you want to be let in the house, talk to a lender, whatever it is that needs to happen.' It's just a very quick easy way for me to get some real value information to that consumer."

So why the Mini Report? "The Full Report is just more data than somebody is looking for typically," Chumbley explains. "Once in a while, you get an analytical person that wants a lot of deep, deep level data, but the Mini Property Report is robust enough that is gives a lot of value and a lot of information."

A Few Words of Advice

For agents looking to maximize the value of RPR, Chumbley offered some simple yet straightforward advice--just start using it. To quickly become acquainted with RPR, make it a part of your daily routine. "Once they do that, it will become easily adopted and just a regular occurrence in their world. It just is so quick and easy."

About Dale Chumbley

rpr dale chumbleyDale Chumbley is a second generation REALTOR® in Vancouver, Washington who has been selling real estate since 1994. He was named by Inman News one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in the country for 2010. In 2014, Dale served as his local Association's President and was named REALTOR® of the Year. Dale is recognized nationally for his mix of traditional real estate and technologically cutting edge marketing. In his spare time, Dale enjoys organizing interactive real estate education events, teaching others how to leverage social media to expand their online reach in a way that hopefully expands their face to face interactions, CrossFit, photography, musical theatre and sharing his city with anyone who will pay attention.

Dale has been seen on the stage at industry events such as Inman Connect, Inman Agent Reboots, REBarCamps across the country, NAR MidYear and Annual Conference, RETSO, BuzzRE and more.