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Fun and Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas

March 09 2011

flashdrive brand 200pxGuest contributor Rick Bengson says:

In the past, I've suggested a few creative and fun real estate agent marketing ideas that you can use to draw in more clients and promote your brand offline.

I'm sure you've noticed after awhile it can get a bit stale using the same traditional methods of sending flyers and emails; although, these methods can be very effective, so I thought perhaps now would be a good time to mention a couple more fun and unique REALTOR® marketing ideas:

Vinyl Stickers

Usually if you're on the road you will see a vehicle with a company name, short bullets on products or services, and a contact number, right? Why not add the very same idea to your REALTOR® marketing strategy? It's simple and prone to lots of exposure – after all, when's the last time you went a day without driving?

USB Flash Drives

With a growing number of people using USB flash drives, it might be worthwhile to broaden your real estate agent marketing horizons and check out getting some made with your company name and logo printed on them. People can learn about your company when their friends allow them to borrow their USB flash drive.

NotePads / NoteBooks

Previously I've mentioned how adding pens to your real estate agent marketing strategy was a cheap and effective way to get your brand out there – why not go full circle and provide the paper to write on as well? Order some notepads / notebooks with your real estate company information printed on them for the extra advertisement!

Tape Measure

Ordering tape measures with your company information printed on them is a great real estate agent marketing move. Now your clients will think of you whenever they measure something around the house. And, of course, leaving reminders of the services you provide with past clients is the best way to get repeat clients and referrals.


If you live in an area that's prone to a lot of rain (take the northwest of the US for example) then you should definitely add umbrellas with your company logo and information to your real estate agent marketing strategy. Make sure you pick a unique color or pattern to make the umbrella catch more attention – don't forget to hope that it rains!

What fun and unique advertisement method have you used in your REALTOR® marketing plan?

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