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Top 10 Most Popular Articles from February

March 01 2015

sold sign familyWe're almost there, agents--just three weeks from the official start of spring. That means warmer weather and the industry's busy season are just around the corner.

Many of you are already gearing up, judging by our site traffic last month. Here's a list of the top articles that drew you to RE Technology in February. You can use these posts as a starting point for preparing for the transaction-filled months ahead.

1. The Top 10 Listing Turn-Offs that Kill Deals
Once you secure a highly coveted listing, the last thing you want to do is blow your chances at securing a hot offer. But making one of these mistakes could sink your sale. Find out how to avoid these all-too-common listing pitfalls and the smart staging, photo and marketing tips to turn it all around.

2. 5 Facebook Cover Image Ideas for Agents
Agents, how often do you update your Facebook cover image? Monthly? Annually? Never? This is prime marketing space that you could be using to attract prospects. Used wisely, your Facebook cover image can get leads to visit your website or even give you a call! Here are 5 easy ways real estate agents can optimize their Facebook cover photos.

3. How to Find Quality Real Estate Leads
Is real estate lead generation one of the primary things on your mind when it comes to your business? If so, you're not alone. Considering the average REALTOR® gets only 12 leads per year, it's no wonder many agents are researching ways to obtain more high quality real estate leads. This blog post shares some valuable real estate lead generation ideas and examines the tips and tricks for how an agent can get more quality leads.

4. Don't Miss Another Tax Deduction! These 5 Apps Can Help
Tax season is a time of mourning all those deductions that could have been. While it's too late to change what you'll owe this April 15, you can reduce what you'll pay next year by diligently documenting deductions. Fortunately, the smartphone era has taken a lot of the pain in achieving this away. As with most things today, there's an app for that. Here are 5 of our favorite.

5. 4 Reasons Why Selling a House is Like Dating
Selling a property is a lot like looking for a spouse – nobody is sold by just seeing a few pictures. You want to put your best foot forward, just like in dating. Highlight your best features and hook them. The good parts might then outweigh the bad if they are already falling in love. You want to look your best and make sure you are available. Here's how to put your best foot forward.

6. This Overlooked eSignature Feature Can Enhance Your Customer Service
You know that email you receive from your eSignature solution when a client has viewed or opened the document you sent them? That seemingly innocuous message actually represents an opportunity to provide superior customer service to your client. Here's how.

7. Friday Freebie: 2015 Lead Conversion Plan
We love actionable advice, and this free guide is full of it. It lays out a week's worth of steps you should take from the moment a new lead comes in. Each day offers a conversion goal you should achieve (conversion here is defined as setting up a first meeting), and the steps to take it. Download it today to learn how to transform inquiries from prospects to clients.

8. Facebook Ads, IDX and CRM to Generate Real Estate Leads? You Bet!
There was a time where you could not find a single agent that believed in Google AdWords, ad retargeting, or any online advertising at all. Well, times have changed. We're finding agents that have their hands in just about every aspect of online marketing possible--except for one amazing form of online marketing that is being overlooked. So what is this one online marketing platform that I am describing? Facebook.

9. First Look: Nest4Less is Latest in "Free-to-Realtors" Pricing Model
The idea behind Nest4Less is simple: an attractive business directory that easily embeds into real estate websites and Facebook pages. The price is simple, too. It's free to real estate agents, and even offers revenue share options to brokers and MLSs. Learn more in our latest product review.

10. Simple Real Estate Photography Tips: Shooting Outside
A picture is worth a thousand words...provided, of course, that you've taken a good picture. A good one can showcase a property in a way that words and numbers simply can't, giving life and depth to a listing. A poor one, on the other hand, is a missed opportunity. While not all REALTORS® have a professional photographer available to them, we've listed a few helpful tips to make sure that you take your best photo possible.