[WATCH] Lead Gen Boot Camp: Strategies to Keep Your Pipeline Full

November 14 2022

It's a changing market, and like many agents, you may be wondering what the future of your business will look like. How can you invest in your business, and in serious lead generation, during a shifting market?

"You can't be a one-trick pony," says Dylan Handy of Elm Street Technology. "You can't rely on one source of lead generation. In a market like this, you have to be really creative."

During a recent webinar, Dylan walked us through lead generation strategies across multiple platforms: social media, your website, online ads, organic traffic and more. Watch the webinar recording below to learn how to keep your pipeline full and thriving even during a fluctuating housing market.

Webinar Guest

  • Dylan Handy, National Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Host Dylan Handy introduces himself and the webinar topic.

5:02 - What's the ultimate goal of lead generation?

6:10 - Why your website is your "front door" for online business.

8:51 - Driving traffic to your website: the difference between organic and paid strategies.

10:05 - The best social media platforms to drive organic traffic to your website.

11:27 - How to increase your SEO value by blogging.

13:08 - What should you blog about?

17:49 - The ins and outs of leveraging Facebook for lead generation.

24:45 - Overview of other major social platforms to leverage.

28:27 - The key to effective social media marketing.

30:06 - Why you may not be getting leads from your current website.

32:11 - Using paid traffic to drive website traffic.

40:54 - Real estate portal leads vs. search engine and social media ads.

43:20 - Three components of online lead conversion.

45:50 - Lead nurture follow-up systems and processes.

47:50 - The secret to successful social media marketing and online lead generation.

49:30 - Leveraging automated systems and processes.

52:30 - How Elevate's all-in-one solution can help you generate, nurture, and convert real estate leads.

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