[WATCH] The Secrets to Securing Listings: Learn Ways to Stand Out and Market Yourself Like a Pro

May 24 2022

It's tough out there in today's housing market. Buyers are struggling to find houses, and Realtors are struggling to find listings. While little can be done about low inventory, there are strategies you can use to find seller leads.

In this webinar, Elm Street Technology leads viewers through a class on how to generate high-intent seller leads and convert them into clients. Watch the recording below to learn tips, tricks, and strategies on how to bring in leads both organically and via advertising, and how to win the listing presentation.

Webinar Guests

  • Tom Bauman, Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology
  • ā€¨Stephen Haladay, Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Tom Bauman introduces the topic and fellow panelist Stephen Haladay.

5:18 - Lead generation starts with an online presence.

6:25 - Home seller statistics.

7:21 - IDX websites as the hub of your online presence.

11:30 - The importance of blogs for your website's SEO and what to post.

16:47 - Benefits of social media marketing to your online presence.

18:04 - Facebook for real estate marketing, including what to post.

25:52 - Leveraging LinkedIn and Twitter.

28:50 - Instagram for real estate marketing and what to post.

31:00 - Leveraging YouTube and what types of videos to post.

34:29 - Using paid traffic to capture high-value seller leads.

37:03 - Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and which keywords to use.

40:29 - Interruption-based marketing.

46:45 - Email campaigns for targeting seller leads.

47:53 - Using direct mail to target sellers at home.

48:44 - Offering your database an "annual real estate check-up" as a lead engagement strategy.

50:09 - How to nail the listing presentation and stand out from the competition.

51:07 - CMA presentation tips.

51:33 - What to say on your next listing presentation.

53:05 - Webinar recap.

55:25 - Learn more about Elevate's all-in-one solution, and see a live demo.

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