WATCH: Why SEO Matters in Today's Market

August 06 2020

Google searches for "buy home" and "buy house" are at an all-time high, and "sell home" and "sell house" are trending upward. Are you capitalizing on the momentum?

If not, don't worry. You'll learn all the basics of real estate website SEO in the video below--and even see two Realtor websites get analyzed by SEO expert Kevin Piechota!

Kevin was our special guest on a recent webinar. He gave us the lowdown on SEO basics, including on-site and off-site SEO strategies, SEO tools to use, evaluating SEO partners, and more.

Watch the full webinar below to find out how to take advantage of the surge in online real estate activity.

Webinar Guests

  • Kevin Piechota, Realtor, SEO Fuel Brand Ambassador and National Broker Consultant at Homes.com
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists.

4:05 - Why SEO matters in today's market, even during a pandemic.

4:27 - Kevin Piechota shares keyword research that shows real estate related Google searches are at an all-time high.

9:22 - Why don't Realtors do their own SEO work?

14:19 - List of monthly SEO actions that Realtors can take.

15:59 - Why you don't want more traffic to your real estate website.

16:48 - Two website analysis tools for better SEO.

17:15 - Kevin does a live SEO analysis of two webinar attendees' websites.

25:55 - How to attract better, more targeted traffic to your website.

28:38 - Expanding the flow of leads into your lead generation funnel.

30:35 - How do you get to page one of Google?

31:00 - Kevin covers the basics of on-site SEO (relevance).

37:57 - Off-site SEO strategies for building trustworthiness.

47:47 - Live demo of Homes.com SEO Fuel.

52:50 - The benefits of SEO for your brand and your website.

56:56 - What should you look for in an SEO partner?

58:35 - How much does SEO cost?

1:01:20 - Kevin shares an exclusive offer for RE Technology readers.

A Special Offer for RE Technology Readers

RE Technology subscribers can get a free website audit from Homes.com. Just text "SEO" to 484848 or visit go.homes/seo.

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