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Broker Productivity Reports
Trendgraphix' Broker Productivity Reports is an online market share and productivity analysis reports at the broker, office and individual agent level. These reports provide accurate, historical market information to help plan for growth, be able to measure performance and strategically recruit and retain the best agents. Trendgraphix provide three Top Broker reports, offering historical competitor information. This helps a company identify market differentiators. These reports provide performance metrics to assist with strength and opportunity assessments for management goal-setting and sales projections. Trendgraphix's Top Broker, Top Office, and Top Producer reports deliver the most critical productivity and market share data, in a simple-to-learn and easy-to-interpret format. • Standard Report provides right-now statistics, to help brokers rank their brokerage, office, and agents against the competition in areas or market segments throughout their service areas. • Trend-Over-Time reports enable brokers to see production and market share trends over any period of time they specify. • This-Year-Vs.-Last provides a one-look comparison of a time-period this year vs. the previous year, giving brokers the ability to instantly see which brokers, offices, or agents in their region are thriving or struggling in the current market. Trendgraphix’s reports provide broker market share information and emerging market data; this helps identify viable acquisition candidates in a market and expansions into new areas. These broker reports contain Market insights, which give a unique opportunity to headline media stories and credibly position a brokerage. They also provide market intelligence which opens the door to builders, developers and new business opportunities.
Homethinking Agent/Broker Profiles
Homethinking is an online portal that helps showcase and rate real estate professional talents to home owners looking for a REALTOR. This portal also provides mortgage information and neighborhood search information. Agents and brokers can also upload their listings once and have them syndicated to Craigslist, Trulia and Zillow. Agents and brokers can get this service for free. Homethinking helps home owners choose the most remarkable neighborhood real estate agents to sell their house. Homethinking measures performance by monitoring real estate transactions to know which houses each real estate agent has sold, for how much and how long on average it took them to do so. There are also user reviews by home owners who have sold their house with the particular agent that helps determine the rank of them. If REALTORS do not have a Homethinking profile already, they can easily create one. Creating a profile is easy to do. There are three easy steps. Enter basic information- Brokerage, email address, password etc.; Claim an existing profile or create a new one; Create a username and password. Creating or claiming a profile allows real estate professionals to change their contact information and edit their sales history. The advertising benefits of creating a profile with Homethinking include: Hiring Immediately- Homethinking users are looking to choose a full service Realtor to sell and buy a home with right now; Premium Quality- Users want to speak to REALTORS about REALTORS, not find out more information about a listing; Risk-Free - Only pay when a local Homeowner lead is delivered. An agent may stop this service at any time.
Mountain of Agents Directory App for iPhone
The Mountain of Agents real estate agent directory is now available as an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With this app (the first-ever agent directory app), users can: Find a real estate agent quickly Connect via phone, email, or social media (i.e. Twitter and Facebook) Save their favorite agents Rate real estate agents in six categories The new app places your agent information in the hands of millions.
Websites Turnkey design and development of Consumer, franchise recruiting, franchisee micros-sites and the all-important mobile; we take a common sense approach to engage and convert visitors through a blue printed ideal user experience. Social Facebook and Google+ play a major role from engaging prospects during franchise recruiting to driving customers to engage on a local level. Reputation monitoring and management Reputation management is arguably the most important element to successful marketing and sales, with a real value add for your operations and training team. We offer packages for national and local from turnkey to self-service.
Quality Service Certification (QSC)
Quality Service Certified (QSC) provides MLS executives and brokers with a training program and an agent rating process to help agents obtain the Quality Service Certification designation. This certification process provides agents and brokers with agent rating feedback to hone their customer service skills, and the ability to be searched on the QSC consumer website, where home buyers and sellers can search for a local QSC agent or broker. There are four steps to becoming certified: Go through the training program online or in person Pass an examination Sign a letter of commitment Consistently provide clients with an agent rating survey after closing a deal The Quality Service Certification® training program can be completed by attending a live presentation or by taking the course online. This training session is sponsored by the brokerage and can be opened to external trainees. After the training program, applicants are given a 40-question, mutiple choice examination. The test is 60 minutes long, and a score of 70% (28 out of 40) is required to pass. Once an agent or broker has passed this exam, he or she will be asked to sign two documents: a Licensing Agreement which grants you limited use of copyright and trademark materials to use for promotional and advertising purposes, and a statement from your broker declaring that he/she knows of no reason why you would not be eligible to be Quality Service Certified®. The final step in this process is incredibly important for accountability and continued promotion. After closing a transaction, Leading Research Corporation will send the client a survey, asking critical questions about the details and overall satisfaction of the service provided by the sales agent and broker. Once a number of these surveys have been collected, the reuslts are pooled into an aggregated statistical analysis of that agent's overall rating. These ratings provide two main services to the agent or broker: To help the agent or broker to strengthen his or her service and develop closer client relationships By continuing in the rating process, an agent or broker will be included in the QSC consumer website, where home buyers and sellers can search for a local QSC agent or broker Quality Service Certified sales professionals report that they: Attract more clients Increase the value of service provided to their clients Earn more referrals Provide better service to customers Increase customer loyalty Offer an alternative to commission discounting Differentiate themselves from the crowd
MORE > is a consumer oriented website offering independently validated service quality and customer satisfaction details to help consumers make better, more informed choices and decisions in selecting a real estate agent to serve them.  Unlike other open sites where anyone can rate an agent, is a closed site – only those who have actually completed a closed real estate transaction are sent a service assessment  survey. It is a participation requirement that a survey is sent following every closed transaction.  Agents electing to participate in the independently administered survey process can display a public profile including their contact information,  have control over how much returned survey information they choose to publish  on the site, and  can include past customer comments on an all or none basis. and the associated survey process are independently managed  by Quality Service Certification, Inc. and Leading Research Corporation.
Look beyond "agent ratings" to overal online reputation management. Reach150 helps you through several essential steps. The first step is to get found on search and social media. The next step is to gain trust through referrals and testimonials. Reach150 will also help you close business with the aid of a powerful online reputation and positive references from existing customers. Finally, they will mobilize promoters by helping you increase satisfaction and measure the impact of their efforts on your behalf. 
RealSatisfied helps real estate brokers and agents manage their reputation. This simple tool allows real estate pros to: Listen to customers Manage, coach, and reward team members for their good work Receive customer feedback Gain a testimonial for every transaction Build strong customer relationships Create customer advocates Client feedback from RealSatisfied is gained through surveys. Each RealSatisfied account holder has access to all surveys, although team leaders can manage which team members have access to which surveys.  The surveys themselves, sent via email, are quick and easy for your customers to use.   Signing up with RealSatisfied is a breeze (particularly with their free, 30-day trial).  The admin panel, which you can see in a demo on the RealSatisfied website, has a simple interface that allows easy access to invitations, reports, admin, support, and your main dashboard.