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www.RatedAgent.com is a consumer oriented website offering independently validated service quality and customer satisfaction details to help consumers make better, more informed choices and decisions in selecting a real estate agent to serve them.  Unlike other open sites where anyone can rate an agent, RatedAgent.com is a closed site – only those who have actually completed a closed real estate transaction are sent a service assessment  survey. It is a participation requirement that a survey is sent following every closed transaction.  Agents electing to participate in the independently administered survey process can display a public profile including their contact information,  have control over how much returned survey information they choose to publish  on the RatedAgent.com site, and  can include past customer comments on an all or none basis. RatedAgent.com and the associated survey process are independently managed  by Quality Service Certification, Inc. and Leading Research Corporation.
Look beyond "agent ratings" to overal online reputation management. Reach150 helps you through several essential steps. The first step is to get found on search and social media. The next step is to gain trust through referrals and testimonials. Reach150 will also help you close business with the aid of a powerful online reputation and positive references from existing customers. Finally, they will mobilize promoters by helping you increase satisfaction and measure the impact of their efforts on your behalf. 
RealSatisfied helps real estate brokers and agents manage their reputation. This simple tool allows real estate pros to: Listen to customers Manage, coach, and reward team members for their good work Receive customer feedback Gain a testimonial for every transaction Build strong customer relationships Create customer advocates Client feedback from RealSatisfied is gained through surveys. Each RealSatisfied account holder has access to all surveys, although team leaders can manage which team members have access to which surveys.  The surveys themselves, sent via email, are quick and easy for your customers to use.   Signing up with RealSatisfied is a breeze (particularly with their free, 30-day trial).  The admin panel, which you can see in a demo on the RealSatisfied website, has a simple interface that allows easy access to invitations, reports, admin, support, and your main dashboard.