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Stand out from the crowd with Parkbench. We build neighborhood websites for hyperlocalized areas sponsored by a single agent per area, creating unique online content that promotes recognition and drives business for the agent. Now a network of platforms, Parkbench websites engage potential customers, designed to inform visitors of local events, news, and information about the community. Parkbench also provides free marketing tools for business professionals through their main website.


Real Estate Local Leader Platform -

Most agents use similar if not identical marketing techniques for lead generation, which can have the effect of immunizing a community to those advertising efforts. Content marketing, which is based on the theory of reciprocity in advertising, is huge in online marketing and creating brand awareness through search engine optimization. Parkbench sites provide services to business owners and caring community members, instantly distinguishing sponsors from the rest of the agent pool. 

With the goal of bringing communities closer together, for two years we’ve been helping agents be the best professionals possible by providing them with resources and tools to create better online content. 


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