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Stand out from the crowd with Parkbench. We build neighborhood websites for hyperlocalized areas sponsored by a single agent per area, creating unique online content that promotes recognition and drives business for the agent. Now a network of platforms, Parkbench websites engage potential customers, designed to inform visitors of local events, news, and information about the community. Parkbench also provides free marketing tools for business professionals through their main website.


Real Estate Local Leader Platform - Parkbench.com

Most agents use similar if not identical marketing techniques for lead generation, which can have the effect of immunizing a community to those advertising efforts. Content marketing, which is based on the theory of reciprocity in advertising, is huge in online marketing and creating brand awareness through search engine optimization. Parkbench sites provide services to business owners and caring community members, instantly distinguishing sponsors from the rest of the agent pool. 

With the goal of bringing communities closer together, for two years we’ve been helping agents be the best professionals possible by providing them with resources and tools to create better online content. 


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How Understanding the Lead Lifecycle Can Boost Your Conversion Rate
As we navigate market changes, it's more evident than ever that lead generation, nurturing, and management is not a one-size-fits-all process. Put simply, you can no longer just try to generate leads and expect to stay productive in this market. Instead, you need to be strategic and look at the lead lifecycle holistically. This will help you understand where to drop in your expertise regularly and guide your leads along the path to becoming closed clients. How the Lead Lifecycle Shapes Your Client Outreach and Success The lead lifecycle, also known as the lead funnel, is the journey a lead takes from the very first time they see your name or business, all the way to their seat at the closing table. They don't get from A to Z after they submit the form or give you a call; instead, there are thoughtful points of interaction that take place at each stage to nudge them along and get them to close. Let's look at a real-life example: you land a lead and you're ready to get in touch. You give them a ring and learn they're not going to be market-ready for another 18 months. Therefore, you shouldn't be calling them again any time soon. They're 18 months out from purchase — give them breathing room, but be sure to still supply them with consistent, impactful reminders you're there to help and ready to jump into action when they're ready for you. Then, as that 18-month mark approaches, you can shift your focus to ramping up contact. This will also help bridge the gap to meeting your lead where they are, even a year and a half after your initial conversation. How to Meet Leads Where They Are, Here and Now Like we said, no lead generation and management strategy fits into a neat, cookie-cutter outline. You have to tailor your approach to your leads based on their specific needs, such as their timeline to buy or sell, life events shaping their need for a real estate pro, and other unique, individual scenarios driving their decision-making. So how can you actually make sure you're staying top of mind with your leads, no matter where they are on their journey? Here are a few key ways to seamlessly stay in touch. Set Up a Nurture Campaign One of the best tactics to stay on top of your client database is with nurture campaigns. Typically set up in your CRM platform, nurture campaigns will send emails (and sometimes text messages) to your leads and clients at specific intervals of times, or when they take an action — like submitting a lead or downloading something from your website. Because the CRM automatically sends off the email for you, you don't need to hover over your contact list and try to remember what communications to send to who and when. This frees up your time to work one-on-one with your clients and focus on other areas of your business, like generating more leads. With customized, timely emails sent to leads and clients at impactful times, you can see high rates of engagement along the lead lifecycle. Use Calendar-Blocking Regularly With all that freed up time from your nurture campaign efforts, you can also use dedicated time slots on your calendar for more manual, yet meaningful, interactions with your leads. Block out time on your calendar each week to follow up with leads via phone or meeting. You can categorize them by where they are in their journey, or even prioritize the hot, ready-to-transact leads. By getting direct time with your leads, you can demonstrate your level of attention, care, and dedication to understanding their stage in the lead lifecycle — and how you'll get them to the close. Use a Post Close Companion for Your Converted Clients As you nudge your leads and support them through their lifecycle, they'll make it to the closing table. But you also can't just forget about a client once they've closed the deal and final documents are signed, sealed, and delivered. Even if the transaction is complete, you're still sitting on untapped potential: 82% of all real estate deals come from repeat and referral business. Undoubtedly, it's critical to focus on your closed clients. You truly never know when they'll need your expertise again, and you want to stay top-of-mind for them to send any friends, family members, or colleagues your way for their real estate needs. To do this seamlessly, kvCORE has Post Close Companion, an easy-to-use tool to manage your post-close relationships. It allows you to capture reviews, nurture relationships, and leverage your past clients to build a robust referral pipeline. To view the original article, visit the Inside Real Estate blog. Related reading Why Understanding the Homebuyer Journey Is Key to Nurturing Real Estate Leads 5 Real Estate Follow-Up Rules You Need to Be Following 25 Tips, Tricks and Resources for Keeping Past
10 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Real Estate Website for Lead Generation
Are you looking to supercharge your real estate website's lead generation potential? A high-performing website is crucial for attracting and converting leads in the competitive real estate market. In this post, we'll explore 10 proven strategies to optimize your real estate website for maximum lead generation potential, backed by actionable insights and industry trends. From leveraging search engine optimization to creating compelling lead magnets, we've got you covered with practical tips to elevate your real estate website's lead generation game. Let's dive in and unlock the full potential of your real estate business online. Understanding the importance of lead generation for real estate websites In the competitive real estate market, lead generation is pivotal in driving business growth. Real estate professionals like yourself can expand their client base, increase sales, and boost revenue by harnessing effective lead-generation strategies. Let's take a look at the significance of lead generation for real estate websites and the role that a well-optimized website plays in this process. The role of a well-optimized website in lead generation A well-optimized website serves as the digital storefront for your real estate business, playing a critical role in attracting and converting leads. By leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, user-friendly design, and compelling content, real estate websites can enhance their visibility and engage potential clients. A good website makes it easy to attract and engage potential leads, giving you the tools and opportunity to build strong client connections and drive conversions. Key strategies for optimizing your real estate website for lead generation Let's explore key tactics to enhance your real estate website's lead generation capabilities. Create compelling landing pagesDesign landing pages specifically tailored to different buyer personas. Offer valuable content such as market reports, home valuation tools, or e-books in exchange for contact information. Implement clear calls-to-action (CTAs)Strategically place CTAs throughout your website, prompting visitors to take action. Use compelling language and contrasting colors to make them stand out. Optimize for local SEOTarget local keywords and phrases relevant to your area to boost your website's visibility in local search results. Incorporate location-specific content and meta tags. Utilize high-quality imagery and videosVisual content is powerful in the real estate industry. Invest in professional photography and videos to showcase your listings and engage visitors. Offer virtual toursIn today's digital age, virtual tours are a game-changer. Provide immersive 3D tours of your listings to give potential buyers a true sense of the space. Incorporate live chat supportEnable live chat functionality on your website to instantly engage with visitors and answer their queries. This personal touch can significantly increase lead conversions. Utilize testimonials and reviewsDisplaying positive feedback from satisfied clients builds trust and credibility. Integrate testimonials and reviews throughout your website to showcase your expertise. Create informative blog contentRegularly publish blog posts addressing common real estate concerns, local market trends, and buying/selling tips. This positions you as a knowledgeable resource and boosts SEO. Optimize for mobile responsivenessEnsure your website is fully responsive across all devices. With the increasing use of mobile devices, a seamless mobile experience is non-negotiable. Integrate social media sharing buttonsEncourage visitors to share your listings and content on social media platforms. This can expand your reach and attract potential leads through social sharing. Prioritizing user experience, using high-quality content, and incorporating lead capture forms will help you effectively attract and engage potential clients. Embracing SEO best practices like targeting local keywords and optimizing for mobile will further improve your website's visibility and accessibility. Additionally, including social proof and client testimonials can help establish trust and credibility, encouraging more conversions. Remember to continually analyze and refine your lead generation strategies to adapt to evolving market trends and consumer behaviors. By consistently optimizing your real estate website, you can create a powerful digital presence that drives sustainable lead generation and fosters long-term business success. To view the original article, visit the iGuide blog. Related reading How to Create Top-Notch Real Estate Website Pages The Best SEO Tools for Real Estate Websites 24 Tips for Analyzing a Competitor's Real Estate SEO
Instagram and AI for Real Estate Lead Generation
Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 11:15 AM PST In today's digital age, your online presence is more than just a portfolio—it's your global business card, your brand, and your most powerful lead generation tool. With the right strategies, Instagram and AI can unlock a world of opportunities, turning every post, reel, and story into a potential client connection. Why you can't afford to miss this webinar: Exclusive Insights for Realpreneurs: Tailored specifically for innovative real estate professionals, this webinar dives deep into leveraging Instagram and AI for unmatched lead generation. From Invisible to Invincible: Learn the secrets of creating a magnetic Instagram profile that not only captures attention but converts followers into loyal clients. The Faceless Phenomenon: Discover the art of crafting compelling, privacy-first content with our unique strategy for managing a 'Faceless Instagram Channel'. Content Creation at Lightning Speed: Master the technique of producing 100 engaging Instagram Reels in just 10 minutes, ensuring a constant stream of captivating content. AI-Powered Personalization: Utilize AI tools to analyze market trends and tailor your content for maximum impact, setting you apart from the competition. Engagement Amplified: Get hands-on with Instagram's remix feature to broaden your audience reach and add a unique twist to trending topics. It's time to elevate your real estate game! Are you ready to revolutionize how you generate leads and close deals? Join our exclusive webinar and gain the competitive edge you need. Make every click count. Register