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Homesnap Concierge
Homesnap Concierge, a brand-new product from Homesnap, is a fully managed advertising platform and lead qualification service that delivers better leads at a lower cost than Zillow Premier Agent and What makes Concierge different? Highly trafficked sites like Facebook, Google, and Instagram are ideal for generating large volumes of high-quality leads cost-effectively. The problem is, finding and qualifying those leads is a difficult and labor-intensive process. If you've run campaigns on these sites before, you know the frustrations all too well, and you may have turned to expensive alternatives like Zillow Premier Agent and to save yourself time and aggravation. Homesnap set out to solve this problem. After more than a year of research and development, our digital marketing experts worked out the best combination of networks, ad types, designs, and content types to serve hyper-targeted and personalized ads to relevant buyers and sellers. The result is a product that gives agents access to more high-quality leads than Zillow and without the hassle — or the premium price tag. With Homesnap Concierge, agents no longer have to choose between their time and their money. How does it work? Each month, our dedicated and experienced Concierge marketing team will optimize and run your advertising campaigns for an unlimited number of listings on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. We'll target the most-likely-to-transact leads on those platforms with hyper-targeted and personalized ads and qualify them for you. Then, we'll send you the qualified, hot leads right away, and continue to nurture the rest until they are ready to convert. You'll have full transparency into the process. We'll share key metrics — number of leads processed, lead contact information, qualification details, all leads acquired, and more — so you can follow us every step of the way. Just watch the leads roll in and get back to what's important: working with your clients. Why Concierge? Highly Qualified Leads Concierge collects hundreds of leads and takes care of the hardest part: separating those who are ready to buy or sell from those who need to be nurtured. We'll send you the qualified leads right away, and continue to nurture the rest. No work on your end. Better and Cheaper Results Zillow's Premier Agent runs in at an average cost of $1,200 a month for a one-year, locked-in contract — a nearly $15,000-a-year commitment. Homesnap Concierge starts at a fraction of the monthly price and requires no long-term contract. Agents can commit to Concierge for as short as one month. Promotes Your Brand First Have you advertised on Zillow or only to feel like those companies are primarily interested in promoting their brand, not yours? At Homesnap, that will never be the case. We succeed when agents succeed, and all your advertisements will feature you — and only you. Access to a best-in-class lead qualification team, digital marketing experts and machine learning Homesnap's digital marketing experts run thousands of campaigns at any given time, and they are constantly iterating on what works and what does not. Concierge gives agents access to this experienced, best-in-class marketing team, and campaigns are managed by real humans who are experts in the digital advertising space. Additionally, our digital marketing experts are supported by our in-house machine learning algorithms, built upon thousands of real estate industry data points. Using this technology, actual artificial intelligence, we look for signals — signs that a buyer or seller is ready to transact — that a human being might miss. Fully Managed Campaigns for Unlimited Listings Concierge gives agents all the benefits of professionally tested advertising techniques, customization, and automation, so they never have to worry about tedium or timing again — all that's required is a two-minute setup. Co-Market with Lenders By co-marketing with Concierge, agents can strengthen their relationship with a preferred lender and save on advertising costs while doing it. Concierge allows you to split your monthly advertising costs with the lender of your choice. Only lenders an agent co-markets with will be advertised with the agent or listings. Ready to get better leads for
Automated Property and Suburb videos with stylish, branded infographics Clients who receive regular communication are more likely to call that agent when it comes time to list their home. Save time and effort by using HomePrezzo to send timely, personal and stylish updates to your past clients and database. HomePrezzo is an online platform that automatically collects localised statistics and recent sales and combines them into short, engaging and informative videos for you to share. 1. Select from templates for Listings*, Property CMA and Suburb videos 2. Customise the styles, colours, voiceovers and upload your details. 3. Videos are built in just seconds 4. Ready to share as a video on social media, in email, interactive presentation or PDF/printed document 5. Statistics and recent sales are updated to the second using CoreLogic APIs 6. Multiple language options also

ALN Apartment Data

The Premier Multifamily Industry Search Engine

Property Specific Data Updated at least Monthly
Historical Rents, Occupancies and More
Submarket and Metro Studies
New Construction Reports
Current and Historical Statistics

Program for the Product and Service Professional

VendorEdge equips the Product and Service professional with important multifamily contacts and property level information that is provided and updated monthly by ALN Apartment Data. This information is crucial in development of current client and management changes for sales contacts, direct mailings, email blasts and account receivables.

A.L.N LOCATOR – The Program Apartment Locators Can Truly Rely On!

Information Updated at least Monthly.
Multiple Markets Available (over 13,000 communities)
Accurately Customize Lists for Your Clients – numerous search options available.
Calendar/Lead Source/Lease Reports/etc.  – Organization IS the Key to Success.
Extremely User Friendly with One on One Personal Training if Requested.

Owners and Investors

A "Point in Time" market survey report that gives Owners and Investors a Third Party unbiased check and balance to compare to internally reported property level data.


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SkySlope Forms

SkySlope Forms, which is being rolled out to Arizona customers, uses state-of-the-art technology to create a seamless user experience by giving agents and TCs a streamlined and efficient way to execute real estate transactions. With a frictionless transition between transaction management, paperwork, and digital signature, SkySlope Forms helps agents and TCs save time and improves compliance for brokers. SkySlope Forms features include: Association forms synced from the MLS Quick-Entry screens for easier form preparation and completion Data is auto-updated across all forms and templates Signature and initial blocks are auto-populated with SkySlope DigiSign MLS data is pulled and input into form fields and across files Form data is synced to the corresponding transaction in SkySlope

TopHap is an AI powered Real Estate platform focused on research and market insights for real estate professionals. Key features include: Visual Market Analytics  - uniquely delivered via 84 map layers from 200 billion data points Property Insights – minimizes systems that agents need to access by pulling info from MLS, Public Records, Permit data… and showing it all in one place Lot Analytics – interactive 3D topography of any lot Advanced property search – sale, pending, sold, rental, off market CMA+ - expose micro trends, analyze 20 years of historic changes, 2 year forecast ARV Calculator – shows property improvement potential Key Benefits: Enables comprehensive Real Estate Research, not just Search Enables Agents to become market experts from the comfort of their home Enables Agents to expand their territory into markets beyond their geographic area Accelerates expertise of new agents, making them market experts in months vs years Saves time by consolidating several portals into one