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Lone Wolf Hosting

Hosting Colour

Have access to your back office from any office or place!

Lone Wolf hosted servers ensure brokers and agents have access to their back office from anywhere, anytime. Hosting will provide your brokerage with: 

  • Easy access to your brokerWOLF system with remote log-in
  • Safe and reliable backup and storage of your data
  • Eliminating the need to maintain costly hardware

It is so simple, with Lone Wolf Hosting all you need is an internet connection!


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How the FTC MAP Ruling Impacts You
Guest contributor RatePlug says: In August of 2011, the Federal Trade Commission passed new regulations, referred to as "MAP," that directly affect the real estate industry. What exactly does MAP stand for? More Annoying Paperwork? Sounds like a bowl of alphabet soup! Our government has a way of using acronyms for just about everything, which really gives the public no clue as to what really is being passed. The Mortgage Acts and Practices (MAP) regulations were enacted to regulate unfair or deceptive advertising of mortgage products by anyone involved in a real estate transaction. This includes builders, mortgage brokers, lenders, and real estate professionals like you! Ask yourself the following four questions to see how the MAP ruling impacts your day-to-day business practices: Do you provide your clients ANY mortgage related information (flyers, rate information, etc.) to assist them in the buying process? Does your marketing collateral or website have any misleading mortgage tools or statements? Do you provide a relationship disclosure on ALL mortgage related advertising? Do you maintain archived records for two years on all mortgage information provided to your clients? Are those records retrievable by date, agents involved, and property
Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
Our CEO, Victor Lund, is always saying it: "Plan your work and work your plan." And he's usually saying it when he's trying to motivate our team to do the things we don't want to do. He's a smart guy; he knows that it's easy to remember the things you enjoy but conveniently easy to forget the things you dislike. Technology Can Help What are the things most real estate agents don't enjoy? Cold calling is a good example. It's essential for your business, but it's the last thing you want to do. So you put it off . . . to your own detriment. Instead of continuing this pattern with cold calls and the other tasks you dread, it might be time to find ways to keep yourself on track. Technology can help; here are a few suggestions: CRMs Invest in a CRM. Customer Relationship Management tools organize contacts and automate some of the tasks for keeping in touch with those contacts. In fact, some CRMs offer pre-programmed activity plans with calendar reminders. Read more about CRMs Find a CRM Transaction Management Many transaction management tools also include a calendar to remind you about important tasks. These tend to be transaction-specific (linked to a certain listing), rather than related to general business development (like cold calling), but they can be helpful in reminding you to check-in on whether or not documents have been signed, etc. Read more about Transaction Management Find a Transaction Management
Going Paperless: 3 Tips to Get Started
Now that I have sort of become known as the "Real Estate Technology Geek," I receive calls and e-mails daily about how REALTORS® can become paperless. I highly doubt that it is possible to be 100 percent paperless in our business, but here are three tips that will get you darn near close to never using a printer, ever again. 1. Daily Real Estate Task: Printing "Agent Full Report" from MLS. It is something that we must have when showing a property. It has the details that customers/clients don't have in their "Customer Full Report," such as days on the market, the listing agent's contact info, private remarks, etc. For PC users — Instead of printing this report, download a program called CutePDF. It is a free PDF converter that will set up as a printer in your print menu, BUT... drum-roll, please... it will not print! It will save your report as a PDF. This program is great and saves you the hundreds of dollars it would cost to purchase a similar Adobe product. I simply save the reports in Dropbox or Box (another must-have) and simply open it up on my iPhone or