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RatePlug Marketing Program RatePlug enables the flow of real time housing payment information into MLS Property Search Systems in order to help Real Estate Agents & Homebuyers more effectively search for properties that fall within the Homebuyer’s affordability range. The system uses live lending data from lenders, who are referred by the participat- ing Real Estate Agents and Brokers, in order to render an accurate estimate of what the ‘total’ monthly housing payment will be for each property viewed. This information is critical to a buyer since 9 out of 10 buyers will require mortgage financing in order to purchase a home. The system also displays special financing options such as qualified FHA programs, USDA and other unique Lender portfolio products. RatePlug is currently being utilized by over 24 MLS organizations across the country supporting more than 500,000 Agents by improving the mortgage process for homebuyers. RatePlug’s goal is to provide better information to homebuyers at the very beginning of the real estate buying process so that sound, knowledgeable decisions are made about housing affordability. The system also includes marketing flyers for a participating Agent’s listings which the lender can create and deliver in seconds. This service is provided to the MLS organization & their Broker and Agent members at no additional
Concourse™ by Realty Pilot
Realty Pilot's Concourse™ is a transaction and lead management system for real estate agents and brokers. This system was designed to automate listings, tasks, property preservation, transactions, marketing, leads, accounting and reporting. Features include: Client Management- Agents and brokers can manage all of their clients from one system - Buyers, Sellers, Asset Companies, Banks Vendor Management- Agents and brokers can manage all of their vendors and companies - from HOA to Title Company, Inspection to Warranty Property Management – Agent and brokers can manage all aspects of their listings and acquisitions Task Management- Complete task management with detailed workflow design that agents and brokers can customize for their business Transaction Management - Manage all aspects of a transactions - traditional, short sale, REO, and Auction Detailed reporting and accounting- Agents can brokers can track payroll and expenses, monitor performance, and control user access based on various criteria like on-time completion

Real Estate Tools' is a web-based service that helps real estate agents and investors to evaluate potential properties before they buy or their client buys. It also allows investors to track the properties that they already own. includes the following two tools: Property Evaluator and Property Tracker.

The web-based version of Property Evaluator is similar to the iPhone version. It shows all of the factors that real estate pros use to compare different properties and mortgage options in a simple report. Property Evaluator takes the guesswork out of finding the best deal.

The Property Tracker tool keeps track of investor's monthly income and expenses for the properties they already own. With the click of a button, they can create a Schedule E for their taxes, and a Schedule of Real Estate Owned for their loan applications. Property Tracker also includes online document storage, a contacts database with correspondence logs, and calendars that show their leases, management contracts, insurance policies, and rent received. Property Tracker helps investors prevent things from falling through the cracks, and maximize the profit on their real estate investments.

Features include:

  • View a map or satellite photo
  • Compare cost ad rent per square foot with other properties in the area
  • Upload your own picture
  • Estimate income and expenses before homebuyer buys
  • Compare different loan options
  • Project cash flow, gross equity income and potential tax savings
  • Analyze cash flow, total return on investment and potential tax savings

Related Products


iAnalyzeREI is web-based software that immediately analyzes commercial and multi-family income properties. This software brings you a user-friendly interface, step-by-step data gathering, automatic analysis revision, and a sell price evaluation feature. A key selling point for this software is the professional report it produces at the end of a full property analysis. These include a comprehensive, organized view of property analysis. The report includes: Summary A full description Detailed report on the cash flow A financial forecast A variety of colorful graphics Price sale evaluation Resale information Prices Optional comparisons with other buildings. Together, all of these sections create an overall professional and aesthetically pleasing report. There is also a feature at the bottom of the report which enables a visitor to indicate their interest in the property and fill out their name and email, or else they can forward the information to a friend. Once completed, two version of the reports are sent directly to you, one with a personalized company logo, and one without any branding. Two other features can be added to your iAnalyzeREI software: Widget and iMarketREI. A complimentary widget calculator is available to upload to your website. iMarketREI is a marketing software that allows you to market your properties for free with the iAnalyzeREI software.

LeaseRunner is a web-based solution designed to improve the leasing process for landlords, RE investors, and leasing agents/brokers. LeaseRunner integrates: Applications - process digital applications online. Screen potential tenants with background checks Sign lease agreements online with electronic signatures. Choose one of the documents available in the LeaseRunner library or import your own document. Collect payments and generate reports online rental applications, tenant screening, lease e-signing, and rent payments into a simple digital process. All of this occurs in a secure online environment, so you and your clients don't need to worry about the safety of their data.