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Company Intranet Platform by WolfNet
WolfNet®’s Company Intranet Platform and Modular Applications provide brokers with a solution designed to help get all agents on the same page, everyday. WolfNet®’s Company Intranet can provide brokers with the tools to manage their business. WolfNet’s development staff builds new Intranet and website management modules that can be added directly to the brokerage’s company Intranet. The WolfNet team is also capable of building custom modules and applications to a brokerage’s specifications. Key features include: Manage contact information, biographies, photos and more with WolfNet®’s agent administration tools. A Listing Manager to manage and display non-MLS listings on your company’s website. Post alerts and other important information with the Announcements module. View and post a summary of all active company or office listings, including a total sorted by listing type. A Company Bulletin Board feature to post notices to your company. Online Resources tool to share and distribute all electronic documents and media in one convenient location. Create and post company newsletters. The Useful Links module provides a valuable repository of related, non-competitive links and online resources for your agents and staff including online MLS systems, REALTOR® associations, industry news sources and more. WolfNet’s Company Intranet Platform also provides a calendar of events, a "Do Not Call" search, a company directory, open house information,  and the ability to highlight featured properties on the homepage of the company’s website. They also provide a Rental and Lease Properties tool to add rental and lease information to their website.
Broker File Manager
The automated Broker File Management tool helps brokerages manage their listing, sale and lease files much more efficiently while reducing legal exposure. Features include: Broker Controlled. The system lets you know when documents are ready for review. Only broker staff can mark off documents as reviewed. Reduce Risk. Agents know what documents are needed for each transaction. Broker file review work is automatically documented in transaction file history. Save Time. Perform file reviews faster, from your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. When agents update their files online, the broker files are updated and staff is notified. Save Money. In addition to saving staff time, brokerages save money on paper, toner, and storage costs by going paperless. Try our paperless savings calculator and see how much you could save. The Broker File Management Tool is included with DocBox and TransactionDesk modules, available through Instanet

Realty Broker Office

Realty Broker Office™ is Technology Mix’s real estate software for real estate brokers and owners. Realty Broker Office™ (RBO) and lets brokers manage their office, branch offices and virtual offices.  RBO is designed to help brokers manage commissions, prospects, listings, buyers, agents, vendors, and more.

Brokers can use RBO for the following areas of their business:

  • Documents & Paperwork
  • Checklists & To Do Items
  • Buyers, Sellers, Investors
  • Transactions
  • Commissions
  • Interactive Property Search
  • Leads Generation
  • View Agents Work Progress
  • Forms
  • Import/Export to & from MLS
  • 3rd Party Access for vendors, clients, etc.
  • Client Activity Status

RBO allows brokers to set up agent accounts within the software, so that agents can enter and manage their prospects, listings transactions and more. Brokers will be able to view this data.  They will also be able to use 3rd Party Access to request documents from all persons involved in the transaction.  These documents will automatically post to the RBO system.

Brokers can also use Seller Notify to inform clients of all appointment and statuses.  They can setup default checklists for listings and transactions and upload their company forms to their system, so that everyone can easily locate and access needed forms.

RBO allows brokers to use the message board to post reminders of meetings, open houses, and other vital company activities.  They can export listing information for upload to their MLS (no need to re-key data), and export emails, addresses and phone numbers for their marketing campaigns. If brokers would like to track business performance, they can also run reports to see their progress.


Related Products


An Accounting Program that Speaks Your Language Our flagship program is a powerful brokerage application designed to manage all accounting and back office functions of a real estate office. Created with the end user in mind, this simple yet comprehensive program provides a complete office management solution. The fully integrated program combines accounting with transaction data to provide unrivalled real-time reporting capabilities for the broker. Everything from listing inventory, transaction processing, agent management, accounts payable and accounts receivable, all the way down to financial statements are managed through the brokerWOLF back office accounting solution. Manage your office and agents with unrivalled real-time reporting Simple management of office and agent expenses Automated commission plans and monthly agent billing As an added feature, Lone Wolf hosted servers ensure brokers and agents have access to their back office from anywhere, anytime. Easy access to your brokerWOLF system Safe and reliable backup and storage of your data Free yourself from maintaining costly hardware All you need is an internet connection
Clareity DASH!

Clareity's Full Service Platform for BROKERS! DASH! is a customizable, mobile friendly dashboard that centralizes your resources, streamlines your internal communication efforts and offers a robust content management tool. The BEST part: It integrates with your MLS! Notifications A customizable, mobile friendly dashboard that centralizes your resources, streamlines your internal communication efforts and offers a robust content management tool. Analytics Make data driven business decisions from meaningful usage data Content Management System Simple tool to create and manage any type of content you'll need Affiliates & Vendors Connect directly with your preferred service vendors Integrations Integrate with your MLS, along with 200+ real estate and enterprise applications