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CoreLogic Announces ScanToSketch, an Augmented Reality Measuring Tool for Appraisers

November 19 2023

More Than 20,000 property sketches and 12,000 appraisals completed in the first 90 Days

IRVINE, Calif., November 9, 2023CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, has announced that it has launched a new property measuring and sketching tool, ScanToSketch. To date, ScanToSketch, which was developed using CoreLogic's appraisal software brand a la mode, has been used to complete more than 20,000 property sketches and has been featured in over 12,000 appraisal reports.

ScanToSketch uses an innovative combination of LiDAR and Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to allow appraisers to complete their scans in minutes – building a full exterior footprint of a home and enabling instant access to the sketches for real-time adjustments on-site.

"From ScanToSketch to proprietary image analytics, our CoreLogic teams are always working to put new, advanced technology in the hands of our customers. This product improves speed, accuracy and access. We look forward to seeing ScanToSketch's impact across the real estate industry," said Devi Mateti, president, CoreLogic Find and Enterprise Digital Solutions Group.

Appraisers who have used ScanToSketch and compared it with traditional measuring tools have noted its speed and accuracy. They can scan any size property and access their sketch immediately. ScanToSketch has an average accuracy variance of 1-2% when compared to traditional measuring tools.

While ScanToSketch was created for appraisers, it has the potential to be used in additional aspects of the home-buying process by home inspectors and real estate agents.

No specialized hardware is needed to operate ScanToSketch, as it is currently supported on the latest Apple Pro and Pro Max devices and is currently free of charge in the TOTAL for Mobile app, an appraisal software app.

About CoreLogic

CoreLogic is a leading provider of property insights and innovative solutions, working to transform the property industry by putting people first. Using its network, scale, connectivity and technology, CoreLogic delivers faster, smarter, more human-centered experiences, that build better relationships, strengthen businesses, and create a more resilient society. For more information, please visit www.corelogic.com.