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Finding Leads in Your Sphere Easier Than Ever Before with Latest Innovation from MoxiWorks

October 03 2023

MoxiWork's dynamic duo MoxiPresent & MoxiEngage helps agents make their market, even in a down one

moxiworks dynamic duoSeattle, WA (September 28, 2023)MoxiWorks, your partner in real estate success, providing stackable tech solutions that agents and brokers actually want to use, has launched an upgrade connecting their dynamic duo of MoxiPresent and MoxiEngage like never before.

MoxiPresent is an agents' more than just a CMA tool enabling them to create dynamic presentations from CMAs and buyer tours, to annual property reviews and more. MoxiEngage is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that keeps you on task and in flow, syncing and updating info and insights about your sphere, and ultimately helping you win more listings and better serve your clients. The latest innovation has made it even easier to spin-up any presentation and send it off to your sphere of influence directly in MoxiEngage.

One of the proven ways to bring more transactions into an agent's orbit is by staying in flow with their sphere of influence and providing value to clients like annual property reviews. This is one of the most surefire ways to educate someone on the value of their home and show them all the benefits that buying/selling would do for them, no matter the market. And that's why MoxiWorks has made it even easier to create and send these presentations to garner more activity and ultimately more listings.

"Innovation at MoxiWorks is always done with an eye towards making the agents more efficient and maximizing their opportunities. In a market as tough as this, it is always about gaining that edge," said Dave Greenbaum, MoxiWorks' VP of Customer Engagement. "This deeper integration between two of our most-beloved products is all about making it easier for agents to really delight their clients — to be that expert, to have the answers, and to stay in touch long after or long before that contact is ready to transact."

Finding leads in your sphere easier than ever before with latest Innovation from MoxiWorks

So how does it work?

  • You can now quickly launch presentations from the MoxiEngage My People contact cards.
  • Associate presentations with specific contacts and automatically pull in their property addresses while crafting a presentation in MoxiPresent.
  • MoxiPresent will give you the option to pull in addresses from more than one contact, too.
  • Have a client that has a new/different address? Simply enter that address into MoxiPresent and you can push that new address to the contact profile(s) in MoxiEngage, ensuring that the contact profile(s) is up to date with the most current address.

"For years we've talked about the secret weapon of annual property reviews," said York Baur, CEO MoxiWorks. "Your CRM is full of people who may be ready to list their property, but they need a trusted expert to show them what their opportunity looks like. We know agents are the experts in their markets and they are best equipped to help their clients realize what's possible. This new update makes putting these property reviews together easier than ever."

This is just the first of many innovations and upgrades coming down the pipeline as MoxiWorks continues to build deeper integrations between products and with our partner platforms, thanks to the MoxiCloud. Ultimately creating an even more cohesive experience across the platform.

To learn more or to get in touch, visit moxiworks.com.

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