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CubiCasa Debuts 3D Product Offering to Elevate Property Listings

June 14 2023

Simple five-minute phone scan can now be used to produce 3D renderings of properties, bolstering marketing assets for property listings

San Jose, CA – June 14, 2023CubiCasa, the global reaching real estate software company, today announced the launch of its 3D product set, which empowers more immersive property marketing assets to be produced from the same five minute smartphone floor plan scan that users are accustomed to.

The new 3D floor plans and video renderings provide greater detail and color, mirroring the reality of the property with respect to flooring materials and color, walls, appliances, furniture, and more. The products will be rolled out via invite to CubiCasa's users over the coming weeks.

The products are designed to help real estate photographers expand the services they can offer to their customers, without any additional effort, and help real estate agents better market properties by providing more detailed and engaging information on a listing.

"In designing these new 3D products, we wanted to stay true to our 'simple and efficient five minute scan' mantra, while offering new and innovative ways to market property listings," said Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa. "Photographers now have instant access to a premium service for their customers, and agents can help their listings stand out like never before. This moves us another step closer to empowering home buyers and agents with floor plans on every listing in the U.S."

"The mesmerizing 3D floor plans and captivating 3D videos are extraordinary additions that allow agents to showcase their listings in new ways," said Katie Colman, Owner of In1View Media in the Reno, Nev. area. "The best part is the streamlined process that effortlessly delivers three remarkable products from a single five-minute smartphone scan!"

CubiCasa's new suite of 3D products includes:

  • 3D Floor Plan: Elevate property visualization with birds-eye view 3D floor plans. Users can explore dimensions and flow from a unique perspective, including the option of detailed materials and furniture that aim to mirror reality.
  • 3D Video Render: 2-3 minute 3D video renderings showcasing main rooms and property highlights.
  • 3D Marketing Bundle: Includes both 3D floor plans and video renderings, all in one place.
  • Introducing CAD outputs: CubiCasa now supports CAD outputs for both 2D and 3D software, in multiple file formats.
  • Free 2D Floor Plan with every 3D order: Every 3D product purchase includes a complimentary 2D floor plan with fixed furniture – an extra tool for creating successful property presentations.

Prices for these new premium add-on products start as low as $35, with bundling discounts available. Discounts provided in CubiCasa's MLS Partnership Program and Preferred Photographer Program apply to the new suite of 3D products. For more information on pricing, visit www.cubi.casa/pricing.

The CubiCasa app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about CubiCasa's free floor plan scanning app, visit www.cubi.casa.

About CubiCasa

Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, CubiCasa is the global market leader in mobile indoor scanning and is known for its fast and easy-to-use floor plan app on the App Store and Google Play Store. CubiCasa's technology is used in 172 different countries and has helped create over 1 million floor plans to date. CubiCasa provides technology for the real estate, appraisal, and mortgage industries and is on a mission to digitize real estate. Learn more at www.cubi.casa.